Chilmark: Mr. Morgan turns 90

Chilmark: Mr. Morgan turns 90

Katie-CarrollNine decades ago, that would place us in 1924, a lot of things happened. The Washington Senators were the World Series champs. The Montreal Canadiens took home the Stanley Cup. The NCAA football championship went to Notre Dame. The first Ace Hardware stores opened in Illinois. Kleenex disposable tissues were introduced. Simon & Schuster released “The Crossword Puzzle Book.” Lenin was placed in the Mausoleum in Red Square. The first Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France. George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” premiered at Carnegie Hall. King Tut’s tomb was opened. “Happy Birthday To You” was published by Claydon Sunny.

This last reference is most noteworthy because it was released just in time for the birth of James Douglas Morgan. This Sunday, March 30, is the day Mr. Morgan will celebrate the completion of ninety years on this earth. He has had a fascinating life of fishing, carving, raising children, participating in town affairs and more. Although I see his smiling face almost daily as he tools around with his bride Roberta, I look forward to the day when their Harbor Craft Shop is open and I will be able to wander by, stop and chat for a moment or two.

Looking ahead to interesting things coming up, may I suggest you mark your calendar for the thirty-third Women’s Symposium entitled “Dreams.” The event will be held at the Chilmark Community Center on Saturday, April 26 from 9 am to noon. There will be speakers, small groups and refreshments. The event is free, but donations are welcome to cover expenses. For further information call Bonnie George at 508-645-3214.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services will hold its Spring Electronics Disposal Day on April 12 from 9 am- 2 pm at Community Services. Now’s the time to set aside your personal or old air conditioners, cell phones, computers, copiers, dehumidifiers, fax machines, microwaves, monitors, laptops, printers, refrigerators, scanners, stereo equipment, TVs, washers, dryers, etc. in preparation for the day. They will charge minimal fees and even offer a 10 percent discount for car loads. All proceeds will go to Community Services. Go to for more information.

This is the week the students in third, fourth and fifth grades will undergo the English Language Arts MCAS. Monday is the practice day, Tuesday and Wednesday are testing days and Thursday, if needed, is make up day. The main purpose of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System in elementary grades is to inform and improve curriculum and instruction, and to evaluate student, school, and district performance according to MA Curriculum Framework. In order to make the days a little more palatable, the PTO is supplying the students with yummy croissants and muffins from Scottish Bakehouse. Sharpen your pencils kiddos.

The Darling family has one fewer member this week. Windway, sitting overlooking the South Shore, will be missing its patriarch when the family reconvenes at their summer home of over seventy years. Peter Darling, husband to Della, father of Sue Greeley, Scott and Peter, and grandfather of five has completed his time on earth overlooking the shores of Stonewall Beach. He thoughtfulness, for both humans and the environment, will be missed. The Darling family will host a celebration of life at a date to be determined this summer. I bid you farewell Peter Darling. I thank you for checking in on me from time to time.

The Times is seeking a Chilmark town columnist. Please contact Jamie Stringfellow here.


  1. Katie – I have really enjoyed
    reading your town column and will miss hearing from you each week. Many
    thanks for sharing all the wonderful Chilmark news – you will be missed.
    Jen Ike

  2. You are looking for another Chilmark columnist? Hard to believe that MV Times could find anyone more “in the know” than Katie Carroll. Her placement down at the Menemsha Texaco and her volunteer work at Town Hall and Chilmark school, surely put her in the best path “of all news”. Not the least to say that she is a great writer – funny, empathetic and fair. What’s not to like? I hope that someone can reconsider this decision and keep Katie on! For the sake of your readers, please! Elise

  3. Where is Katie going ?! Reading her column every week is how those of us that live off- island in the winter stay connected with Chilmark ! I think the Times would be hard pressed to find anyone with the wealth of local knowledge that Katie can provide for the town column. She goes out of her way to acknowledge people’s special days and writes with an honesty and wit that bring a smile to my face everytime I read her words. I hope to continue seeing her name on the column !!!

    1. We fully intend to continue to keep you informed! We are searching for a new Chilmark columnist if you have any suggestions.

  4. Wow, I’m so sad and shocked to hear that Katie will no
    longer be writing the town column. She was a perfect fit for writing about Chilmark
    every week as she is deeply involved with so many facets of this town. Her love
    of Chilmark and her sincere respect for this tight knit community was apparent in
    her news each week. I will surely miss reading her witty, informative and caring
    passages. MAJOR loss for the MV times.

  5. I can’t believe that Katie isn’t going to be brining us our town news!! Katie is so very good at keeping us all connected with each other and has done just a brilliant job of always reaching out to lend a hand, to ask what is going on in each of our lives. Your wonderful writing will be missed. Here’s a toast to Katie!

  6. I love grabbing the MV Times each week and keeping up with my island communities. Now living “off Island”, and not always being able to get home to family & friends, Katie’s column allowed me to stay connected to the Chilmark community. Over the past several years she has kept our Calendar of events, honored our milestones, and helped us celebrate the lives of those we have lost. Katie dedicates her free time to our neighborhood and found time each week to charm us with her whimsical thoughts while keeping us up to date with local news.

    I am baffled and confused that her last column to her readers would not be a fond farewell and a lasting remark that would leave her readers smiling, or maybe a tear as her column will never be part of their morning routine with a side of coffee. I wish luck to the next, as this would make any seasoned writer feeling uneasy to fill her shoes. If there is a truth to be heard then the whispers of this close community will make it known, in turn I would wish good luck to the MV Times on finding her replacement.

    This leaves me hoping, could this cold sentence displaying her departure be that of an early April fools joke? If not, she will be surely missed. Katie, thank you. Good luck to you, Godspeed.

  7. I am disappointed to learn that Katie will no longer be writing the Chilmark news column. Katie not only reported all the Chilmark news, she captured the true essence of Chilmark and shared it with her readers. Thank you Katie for all that you do for Chilmark and for your all the years that you wrote your column.

    1. Very saddened that Katie will no longer be writing the Chilmark column. A weekly column is a great commitment, especially for the Vineyard. Being a columnist is a devotion to your community. We are not in it for the money, nor a step up the corporate ladder. Katie kept it all together, as she went about her business at Menemsha Texaco, volunteering for committees and boards, and her own family. Thank you Katie.

  8. Hopefully, the Times will read the comments below and listen to the comments throughout the community and reconsider their decision to look for someone else. Katie’s community report is always timely, accurate, funny, and many times touching as well.

  9. If this is any indication, the new boss is off to a very bad start. Glad the facts to this firing are available on social network sites. Katie is a community treasure and her writing was a real contribution.