Loose horse struck and killed by driver in West Tisbury

Loose horse struck and killed by driver in West Tisbury

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A driver struck and killed a horse that had got loose from its enclosure and strayed on to Old County Road in West Tisbury about 7 pm, Thursday evening, West Tisbury police Sgt. Jeffrey “Skipper” Manter told The Times in a telephone call Friday.

Sergeant Manter declined to release the name of the driver of the car, a juvenile.  He said she suffered minor injuries, and was taken to the hospital by her parents as a precaution.

The vehicle, a Nissan Cube, was a total loss.

The horse, along with two others owned by James Paquette of West Tisbury, got out of their enclosure on nearby James Way. Mr. Paquette could not be reached for comment.

“Someone was taking care of the horses, but they got out,” Sgt. Manter said. “They were trying to catch them, but unfortunately one ran out in front of a car.”

He said the horse was killed by the impact of the car, and was already dead when police arrived at the scene.


  1. I’m so sorry to read of this tragic accident..
    Traumatizing for all involved, I’m sure.
    Very grateful the young driver is OK, and hope that he or she will get lots of good support.

  2. Only one of the horses was owned by Mr Paquette. The one who was killed. Poor old girl.

  3. having something run out in front of your car is terrifying. i was staying with a friend in rhode island, and ended up having to go to the hospital for a few stitches. his parents, him, and i were there until about one in the morning, and as we’re driving back to his house, a deer ran straight out in front of us and unfortunately we hit it. The deer bounced back up and ran off, and we were all fine (though the near-crash completely sobered me) but the car was COMPLETELY gone. i’m so sorry to hear about the horse, and i’m so glad that the driver is fine. hopefully she doesn’t let this taint her driving experience!