Katie will be missed

To the Editor:

We were saddened to read that this week marks Katie Carroll’s last Chilmark column. We just wanted to thank Katie for her many years of writing those warm and newsy missives. We’re going to miss the insightful recommendations and fun shout-outs. Katie’s a lovely writer and good friend of the Island. Selfishly, we hope she finds a way to keep writing about our community. Until then, she’ll be missed.

Scott and Jennifer Frank



  1. Mary B says:

    Scott and Jennifer, Katie’s new blog can be found here: http://chilmark2641.blogspot.com

  2. DianneSmithRN says:

    What a polite way to say what the rest of us feel…

  3. goodlurch says:

    If a new boss wants to be assured of making himself thoroughly disliked, he can step right into his his new job and promptly fire a beloved and highly admired employee. The paper hasn’t only lost Doug Cabral, it has lost the leadership of someone who has a respectful finger on the community’s pulse.

  4. gil carroll says:

    Katie is so very smart. She has the unique ability to determine what needs to be reported as Chilmark News. She deserved better than being forced out over the rumored gossip. Newspapers editors may think they have the last word; BUT all they really have is a job nobody else wants.