Reduce their ‘unwelcome presence’

Reduce their ‘unwelcome presence’

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To the Editor:

At the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, former vice-presidential aspirant Paul Ryan presented the inspirational story of a young boy from a poor family who refused to accept the free school lunch. He spurned the role of a freeloader. He insisted his mother make his lunch.

But let us ask, how did his mother acquire the food for his lunch? If she was truly poor, she probably bought it with food stamps. Which provokes another question: If her young son was too proud to take a free lunch from the government, should not the mother have been too proud to take the government’s food stamps? Should not the mother have as strong a character as her child?

We may have a promising idea for dealing with the nation’s poverty problem. Both Democrats and Republicans agree that there are far too many poor people among us. How can their numbers be reduced?

It would be an inspiring manifestation of the American spirit of rugged individualism if our nation’s poor people would summon the pride and self-respect to proclaim, “We will starve to death rather than take a government handout.”

We should be grateful to Paul Ryan. By holding up this young boy as a role model for poor Americans, he is suggesting a way of reducing the burden poor people place on us by their unwelcome presence in our society.

R.E.L. Knight

West Tisbury


  1. Mr Knight, you have no idea if Ryans mother took food stamps. We don’t reduce poverty by giving out food stamps, we increase dependency.

    1. Ryan’s father died when he was 17 and he collected his father SS check. It helped put him through college.

      Dependency on food is a liberal conspiracy, I know right?!!

      Oh and food stamps are so costly!!! A tiny sliver the budget that helps allot of people needs to be eradicated.

      Ryan is right, we should replace food stamp programs with more tax cuts for rich folks. It is they who really need the help.

  2. The past 6 years has produced millions and millions of new people on food stamps, Obama phones etc etc. children, illegals, families, dead people and those who should not receive them (fraud) and that is a national disgrace.

    We reduce poverty not just by stop giving out food stamps, The problem lies clearly in the lap of this president. Now our health care is at risk Those are just the facts and I hope am not censored for being the messenger.

        1. That’s RESEARCH? The program dates back decades, was made broader under Reagan and Clinton and switched to cell phones under Bush although it was law passed by Congress any comes under the control of the FCC.
          It’s a great program as it is extremely hard to get a job without a phone. What people get is fairly basic but does allow them to make and receive calls for a limited time each month.
          Stop spewing misinformation…and read some history you’ll be far better prepared when you vote. Don’t let some TV or radio entertainer do your thinking for you.

          1. We are talking abuse, major abuse and unearned entitlements. They need it to get a job PLEASE. There is just no getting thu to you guys no matter how often you put the facts on the table along with videos in the losers and abusers own words..

  3. “Dear Poor, Stop being poor. That is all. Thanks” – I’m so glad Mr. Knight has come up with a real solution.

    1. I can’t believe that NONE of the people commenting understood this to be satire, and disgust re: the Republicans suggestions!

    1. I can’t believe that NONE of the people commenting understood this to be satire, and disgust re: the Republicans suggestions!

  4. A modicum of research reveals that the story told by Mr Ryan was,like most of what he says, a lie.

  5. OF COURSE IT’S SATIRE!!!! READ IT!!! I think he makes his point quite effectively.

  6. This was not satirical in any way.
    My family knows this guy and he is
    very conservative.
    The idea of forgoing food as a sign
    of your patriotism and strength
    is so ridiculous one would hope
    it was a joke.
    but it’s not.
    Man, no mention of tax cuts for the richest
    of the rich and for multibillion dollar corporations while ALL our social programs take the hit. Endless military
    spending. I could go on forever…but then i may vomit.
    it’s just the same ol same ol rich gettin
    richer, poor gettin poorer.
    what a nasty place we’ve gotten to.

    1. If your family knows this man, why are you not asking him directly rather than pontificating on this site, just to spread and support bad feelings about him??