Road to the Plains paving begins in Edgartown

Road to the Plains paving begins in Edgartown

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Road construction on Road To The Plains in Edgartown began on Wednesday. Asphalt grinding is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday, April 2 and 3.  There will be temporary closures and delays during the road grinding process, according to a press release.  Non- residents should seek alternative routes.  Paving is tentatively scheduled for the week of April 14.


  1. Please! Please! Please! Extend the paving of Road To The Plains to include the rest of Meeting House Way all the way to Edgartown/Tisbury Road. It is a horribly unsafe pot holed road. It is my understanding that there is one main resident along that road who strenuously objects to paving & apparently has the clout to override the majority of residents who do want Meetinghouse paved. Very unfair to allow one person such control. It would also be more cost effective in the long run since the road would not have to be regravelled & grated after every rain storm. It’s also wide enough for a bike path too, but I don’t want to push my luck. It sure would be nice to be able to open my windows in Meetinghouse Village without getting a layer of dirt flying in.
    Is there any hope for having Meeting House Way paved? Could someone seriously investigate the possibility? I would love to hear from a town official regarding this issue.

  2. Pave Meeting House Way? I think not. I live in Island Grove and I will tell you… it’s not the potholes that are a danger, but rather the cars that speed down that rd EVERY day and in the summer its ten times worse. When you motion for people to slow down, you get the finger. So long as they hit trees and not people.

  3. Let’s see. That’s Island Grove community with paved roads whose residents do not have to travel back & forth on Meetinghouse on a regular basis, right? The same Island Grove with 2 locked gates preventing anyone from passing through Island Grove at all. So, do you encounter dodging potholes which make drivers go from side to side down the gravel & sand & coming around corners to encounter bicyclists also weaving around to the middle of the road trying to navigate all that sand? I for one have done that too & it scares the beegees out of me that I as a bicyclist am going to slide out on the dirt in front of a car OR as a driver, a bike is going to fall over in front of me. I have passed whole families with wobbly little children trying to maneuver that road. Yes, drivers speed down that road, but sand, dirt, gravel & potholes increase the potential to lose control. Drivers speed down all the island roads. There’s no getting away from that unless speed bumps are put in same as Dodgers Hole. I understand all of the “pat” arguments, but this is a dangerous stretch of dirt road & should be paved.

    1. How does a locked gate prevent a bicycle from passing through island grove?