Eyesore rules needed

Eyesore rules needed

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To the Editor:
Congratulations on a superb piece of enterprise journalism on the Hall family real estate holdings. The Halls’ “aw-shucks we’re just plain folks” doesn’t mask their real attitude to the people who feel it is a privilege to live on this beautiful Island and are decent, caring folk. Yet the Halls aren’t going to change.

So, the question arises, where are our town selectmen? Only anti-derelict housing and eyesore restrictions will reign in the Halls.

The community I lived in for 40 years before becoming a year-round resident on the Vineyard had such restrictions, and they were effective. Most towns have such restrictions.

Could we have a picture of the houses the Hall family call home?

Ann Charnley

Oak Bluffs


  1. Like the bumper stickers say, “We don’t do it that way on Martha’s Vineyard”. A little squalor is an excellent counterpoint to the lavish and compulsive neatness that has been overtaking poor Martha.

  2. Many restrictions are already in place, but not being enforced. More regulation is redundant and could potentially make it more of a headache for neighboring businesses.