Eyesore rules needed

To the Editor:
Congratulations on a superb piece of enterprise journalism on the Hall family real estate holdings. The Halls’ “aw-shucks we’re just plain folks” doesn’t mask their real attitude to the people who feel it is a privilege to live on this beautiful Island and are decent, caring folk. Yet the Halls aren’t going to change.

So, the question arises, where are our town selectmen? Only anti-derelict housing and eyesore restrictions will reign in the Halls.

The community I lived in for 40 years before becoming a year-round resident on the Vineyard had such restrictions, and they were effective. Most towns have such restrictions.

Could we have a picture of the houses the Hall family call home?

Ann Charnley

Oak Bluffs


  1. Thomas Hodgson says:

    Like the bumper stickers say, “We don’t do it that way on Martha’s Vineyard”. A little squalor is an excellent counterpoint to the lavish and compulsive neatness that has been overtaking poor Martha.

    1. Island99 says:

      Unless you have to live next door to it.

  2. imperativelyanonymous says:

    Many restrictions are already in place, but not being enforced. More regulation is redundant and could potentially make it more of a headache for neighboring businesses.