Fresh leaders needed


To the Editor:

The power and authority to make personnel appointments, both hiring and promotion of those qualified, is a sound one but does require limits lest it becomes the power to build an empire with an entourage of beholden supporters. Appointments are useful for temporary replacements, pending ultimate confirmation by the voters at the next regular election. Some jurisdictions limit the terms of incumbents, and I believe this provision to be essential.

No one is irreplaceable in the performance of their duties, as some might believe. Some incumbents state that successive elections will indicate the will of the people. But some incumbents may build empires and see that their supporters are eased into significant positions and otherwise seek to perpetuate their influence. There is a great need for a continuing flow of individuals in the several jobs and positions to assure the continued training and passing on of acquired skills, that newcomers may be ready when incumbents inevitably move on.

Citizen legislators would do best to do their duty, then return to their civil endeavors. We do not need to be ruled by authoritative autocrats.

Election time is soon upon us. Time to do our homework and our duty.

Please be assured that there is no intention here to insult the many devoted, productive, and efficient individuals who in their various ways contribute to the establishment and maintenance of the many systems in place that contribute to the strength of our culture and civilization.

John M. Boardman

Oak Bluffs