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To the Editor:

First, we want to congratulate Nelson Sigelman on his ascension to the editor’s chair. His columns through the years, both fishing and hunting, as well as his detailed analysis of the most complex and contentious issues on the Vineyard predict that his editorship will be stellar.

Second, we want to thank Doug Cabral for his years of thoughtful comments and solid news reporting, which has made The Times the paper to which year-round Vineyarders look first for coverage of their issues.

And lastly, we want you to know that we regret and mourn the sudden decision of The Times not to carry Katie Carroll’s Chilmark column. As Chilmarkers, we always looked for her column to requite our interest in the goings-on of the younger set and events generally from her perch at Squid Row. We understand she will be publishing a blog to which we and her many fans will look forward.

Andy Goldman and Susan Heilbron


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