COA investigation ought to have been put out to bid

To the Editor:

The selectmen were concerned the director of the Oak Bluffs Senior Center did not follow town finance procedures in managing the center’s Quilt Fund used for fuel assistance grants. The board signed a contract with a certified public accountant investigator not from Oak Bluffs, but from Andover, for $210 per hour, not to exceed $15,000. This contract was not put out to bid, a finance procedure required by all cities and towns and by the state. The end result will be $15,000 less to distribute to those who need fuel assistance.

Joseph Sequeira Vera

Oak Bluffs


  1. RedSoxPatriotsCelticsBruinsFan says:

    Lets hope it wasnt taken out of the fuel assistance fund.

  2. XerxesIII says:

    Massachusetts procurement law (MGL Chapter 30B) exempts from its requirements:
    “(15) contracts with labor relations representatives, lawyers, or certified public accountants” ; even if not exempt, formal bid process for procurement under 30B is only required for services exceeding $25,000.