Finish the fight


To the Editor:

Why do I relay? The reasons have multiplied and changed over the past seven years. In the beginning I felt that cancer was closing in but had not yet impacted my inner circle. I did support many friends with their own cancer diagnosis or during their loved ones’ fight, but thankfully I had never lost anyone close to me. I felt that if I was proactive in volunteering and raising money to find cures, perhaps I would be one of the lucky ones. Although I still consider myself extremely lucky, in 2010 I heard the words, “You have cancer,” when the doctor told my husband.

Ironically, my reason for relaying today has more to do with the common bond I share with other relayers rather than the devastation a cancer diagnosis may have. Relay offers love, support, compassion, hope, kindness, and, above all, inspiration. For 21 hours we join together to support and celebrate cancer survivors, remember those who have lost their battle, and fight back against this terrible disease.

This year we celebrate our 10th year on May 31 through June 1. There is no requirement to run, walk, stay the night, or fundraise, and the event is free. R&B entertainment will be “keeping the beat on” from 11 to 11 on Saturday, and they will be back on Sunday at 7 am. The Rotary Club of MV will be serving burgers and dogs, and you won’t want to miss the survivor walk, parade of teams, the Mr. Relay contest, or the hush angels leading the luminaria walk.

So, what is your reason not to relay? Creating or joining a team is easy, and it is definitely not too late. The website for the event is, or if you would like more information, please call me at 508-560-0457, or email at Please help us to finish the fight.

Tammy King

2014 Relay Committee

Vineyard Haven