Edgartown voters opt for appointed town clerk

Edgartown voters opt for appointed town clerk

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With no contested races, voter turnout was very light.

Edgartown Town Hall. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Edgartown voters, by a margin of 144 to 110, voted to make the office of town clerk an appointed position instead of an elected office.

With no contested races for town office, turnout was very sparse. Just 267 ballots were cast, representing 8.2 percent of the town’s 3,262 registered voters.

Two races were decided by write-in votes. Robert Sparks was elected to the planning board with 39 write-in votes. Kathy Case was elected to the board of health with 19 write-in votes.

In uncontested races for three year terms: Margaret Serpa was reelected to the board of selectmen (220 votes); Alan Gowell was reelected to the board of assessors (225); Susan Mercier won reelection to the school committee (205); Deanna Ahearn-Laird (199) and Robert Avakian (220) won reelection to the board of library trustees; Jane Varkonda was reelected to the parks commission (231); Sean Murphy was elected to a one year term on the wastewater treatment commission (208), and Scott Ellis was elected to a three year term on the wastewater treatment commission (234); David Burke won a seat on the water commission (202); Leslie Baynes (217) and Donna Lowell-Bettencourt (212) were reelected to the financial advisory committee.


  1. An appointed Town Clerk?!
    We have more than enough government in our lives each day with more being added at an unprecedented rate.
    Now, right here in little Edgartown,, we have added one more layer of government and taken the vote of the people away.
    What are people thinking?
    What a shame!

    1. An elected Town Clerk must reside in Edgartown thus drastically reducing the pool of talent available. They can be elected regardless of ability to do the job. An elected official has the ability to set their own hours working as few as they would like and taking as much personal or vacation time as they please. They report to no one other than the voters at the next election. Are you sure you would want to keep the position as an elected official?

      1. Yes, No doubt in my mind!
        Less govt. is always a very important thing.
        I have lived here for near 80 years, and don’t yet remember electing a town clerk who couldn’t do the job well.
        I’m proud of my town and the folks in it. We have lots of talent here, no need to lose the privilege to vote just to bring in an outsider..
        .Don’t be fooled by “noise”.
        I would prefer tea any day over kool aid.

        1. Well you would vote for the people who appoint the Clerk and they would have the ability to hold this person to some accountability. Right now the person elected to this position could work a couple of hours a week and still receive full salary. Or a very popular moron could be elected!

          1. Yes, Henny Penny, and the sky could fall today too.
            That theory is based purely on drama, speculation and hype by government takeover advocates…
            No facts to back that up in this town.