West Tisbury voters went to the polls Thursday


West Tisbury voters went to the polls Thursday to elect town officers and answer one ballot question.

By a vote of 144 to 110, voters decided that the treasurer’s position should be an appointed rather than an elected position.

At annual town meeting on Tuesday, April 8, voters overwhelmingly approved the change which would allow selectmen to consider applicants who are not town residents. Current town treasurer Katherine Logue endorsed the change, noting that the job has become much more technical.

A total of 237 voters went to the polls Thursday, or 9.6 percent of the town’s 2,466registered voters, a turn out similar to last year when 238 of 2,431 registered voters voted.

There were no contested electoral positions.

Town officers elected included: town moderator, F. Patrick Gregory (210); selectman, Richard R. Knabel (153); board of health, Erik Lowe (202); board of assessors, Maria McFarland (110) as a write-in; treasurer, Katherine Logue (205); tax collector, Brent B. Taylor (204); town clerk, Tara J. Whiting (216); tree warden, Jeremiah Armstrong Brown (206); library trustees: Linda M. Hearn (195), Gina Solon (179); finance committee, Gary Montrowl (190); Katherine Triantafillou (165); Douglas Ruskin (179); parks and recreation committee, Cheryl Lowe (202), Suzanne Hammond (179); constable, Timothy E. Maley (209); planning board, Virginia C. Jones (183); Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank commissioner, Glenn Hearn (177).