Islanders excel in annual Blitz Fitness tourney

Forms grand champ Aileen Mahoney executes a jab. — Photo by Kristofer Rabasca

The fifth annual Blitz Fitness Island karate tournament was held Saturday in front of a large crowd at the Martha’s Vineyard Boys and Girls Club in Edgartown. Thirty-seven competitors showcased their skills in three disciplines: Weapons, Forms, and Sparring.

Orange belt Aileen Mahoney finished as the grand champion in forms and won a free month membership. White belts Brayden BenDavid and Isaac Pereira took first and second at the five-year-old and under level in both Forms and Sparring.

The morning began with a demonstration by Team Blitz, a highlight of which was a group of five young students taking down Oak Bluffs Police Chief Erik Blake. The Weapons competition followed with Ben Nadelstein taking top honors, Braedyn Clark placing second, and Cord Bailey finishing third.

In Forms (Kata), at the advanced level, blue belt Klara Reimann placed first. Red belts Gabe and Ben Nadelstein were second and third. Zach Smith was first among the green belts (intermediate). Braedyn Clark was second and Amelia Simmons placed third. At the beginner level, Matthew Coggins was runner-up to grand champ Aileen Mahoney among yellow/orange belts. Thomas Correno was third. Jocelyn Baliunas topped the white belts aged six and up, with Carly and Grace Coggins finishing second and third respectively.

The Sparring competition closed out the event. Black belt Cord Bailey was the champion of the advanced students. As they were in Forms, Gabe and Ben Nadelstein were second and third. Julia Crocker earned the win for the blue/green belts. Klara Reimann placed second and Jackson Crocker was third. Izzy Blake topped the yellow/orange belts, with Matteus Prata in second and Aileen Mahoney in third. M.J. Magaraci was champion of the six year old and up white belts. Jocelyn Baliunas finished in second place and Tatum Thomas placed third.