Edgartown: finally…the Snowy White Owl


Here’s the scene: Beach Road, Saturday evening as the sun sets over Sengekontacket. I sit in the passenger seat of a friend’s Jeep, her five-pound squirrel dog hopping frantically about. We review our shopping list, sing along to the radio, everything is as expected. And then I see it. Clear as day, atop the State Beach dunes, still and proud as a statue. Though the warmer weather has rendered its face in darker hues, there is no mistaking the majestic — and sometime mythical — snowy white owl. And I FREAKED RIGHT OUT. My poor friend behind the wheel thought someone was dying as I pointed over her shoulder, unable to form intelligible words, finally managing, “I SAW IT! I SAW IT! I SAW IT!” Then explaining among expletives of pure astonishment, “THE SNOWY WHITE OWL!”

It is a journey we all have partaken of together. My phone never stops ringing, my email lighting up with your sightings. In the time since I imposed a moratorium on owl announcements, I have had reported sightings from Doug Dexter, Bruce Farland, Ashley Spinney, Shelly O’Neil, Renee Vieira (whose son’s picture of the owl, incidentally, made it onto the NECN morning news), and several others. We really were in this one together. And I’m thrilled that I have closure. Now my poor dad is another subject altogether, as the owl continues to be a sworn nemesis, haunting his dreams. Luckily, he’s an osprey man, so hopefully he can find distraction in the observance in the sudden arrival of a different bird of prey. Anyway, thank you all for your support and encouragement. I can now move on with my life without the sorrow of what could have been. (Cue the tiny violins.)

I had word from Hilary Granis about the third annual Daf-Faux-Dil weekend on Nantucket, which she attended along with buddies Katie Doll, Cheri Mason, Bill Jacob, and Sully. The tradition began three years ago when the group headed over to the other island for Daffodil Weekend, only to discover the event was not slated until the next week. So for the last two years, the team heads over to ACK the week before, hence the name: Daf-Faux-Dil weekend. Who needs all those crowds anyway?

I want to give a quick shout-out to our Police Department, many of whom spent Patriots’ Day working alongside the Boston Police Department to provide security at the 118th Boston Marathon. Officers traveled to Boston for specialized training earlier in the month, then worked directly with the Boston Police Department Bicycle Unit along the marathon route. Pretty proud of these guys.

The 3rd annual Pink & Green Weekend, a celebration of Spring and Mother’s Day, is coming up May 9–11, with events for all ages. Kick off the weekend with the whole family at Donaroma’s Cirque du Pink and Green event, Friday, May 9, 4–6 pm. Then throughout the weekend, enjoy sales, promotions, the 2nd Annual Bartender’s Drink Contest, Mothers’ Day brunches, and of course the Pink & Green Ball, complete with music from the Sultans of Swing. For a full schedule as well as ticket info, visit edgartownboardoftrade.com.

Calling all you aspiring Hasselhoffs: the Mansion House Health Club will offer American Red Cross Life Saving certification. Aquatics Director Jennifer Fragosa supervises and teaches through videos, group discussion and hands-on practice, participants learn teamwork, rescue and surveillance skills. The American Red Cross Waterfront Lifeguarding course teaches participants the knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to aquatic emergencies, preventing drowning and injuries. Register now to get trained to be a certified lifeguard for Waterfront locations. For info or to reserve your spot, call 508-693-2200 or email infor@mvmansionhouse.com.

This week in birthdays, we have Stacey Ickes, who celebrates April 24; Sara Graves and Cassie Bradley, April 25; Lisa BenDavid and Coo Cavallo, April 27; Paulo DeOliveira and Donna Cavallo, April 28; Lark Bakkensen, April 29; and Brian Ditchfield, Matt Cutter, and Richelle O’Neil, April 30.

In addition, a Very Special birthday wish goes out to Doug Dexter who celebrates a milestone birthday April 30. I can’t tell you how many years, because I don’t have candle fire insurance on this column, but definitely tell him happy birthday when you see him, because that Wharf paddle is really going to smart on this one.