Evidence for vaccination is compelling

Evidence for vaccination is compelling

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To the Editor:

How distressing to read that so many Vineyard parents have opted out of immunizing their children. As a new mother a dozen years ago, I too flirted with skipping the shots, or delaying them. A conversation with our pediatrician set me straight. He’s the one who went to medical school, after all.

In years since, everything that I’ve read confirms the importance of vaccinations. The science is compelling, which ought to be enough for any rational person. But if someone needs more convincing, may I suggest history? It wasn’t that long ago that meningitis, diphtheria, polio and other diseases circled the lives of our predecessors on dark wings, carrying children away at a rate that we seem to have forgotten. Is our societal memory so short?

To smugly refuse protection against these diseases is an insult to the parents of yesteryear, who would have given anything for a simple shot that kept their child in the world.

It’s also selfish, as your choice is cushioned by all the other babies who do get their shots. None of us like watching the needles sink into those plump thighs, but it is definitely preferable to the sight of a child hacking his life out onto a pillow.

Finally, while last week’s article makes clear that an alarming number of schoolchildren are not immunized, I hope these families who eschew vaccinations are also avoiding travel, and that they are keeping away from our libraries and grocery stores. My youngest is eight months old, so he has not yet gotten all his shots and is still vulnerable. I’ll breathe more deeply when he is up to date, and I’d be relieved if more Island children joined him.

Molly Martone

Vineyard Haven


  1. Selfish? smug? irrational? poor history re-call? Sounds like the same rant some MD’s use except for the “conspiracy theory” and ” plot” part. You want what is best for your child. Well, so do the parents that are a little less trusting of the AMA community. Keep in mind that the present day MD is experimenting with new medicine. We are talking wet behind the ears new. The AMA is in the marketing business and they have done a masterful job of discrediting anything other than what is taught in the AMA accredited schools. Do you think other parents read the same info. you did and decided to opt out of vaccines? Doubtful. They did broad and in-depth research. When you do that, it’s not as black and white as we would all hope. Out of hundreds of articles and documentaries here are two that may be of interest. I’m sure other selfish and smug people will be happy to provide you with a few of their own.


    1. This is no such thing as “broad and in depth” research which supports skipping vaccinations, unless you mean searching the Internet for people who agree with you. Cite one original source/study. There was literally ONE, which started the entire movement, and which has been both thoroughly debunked AND retracted by the author. The link you provided above is about as bad as it gets. It shows graphs dating back to the early 19th century that demonstrate the course of modern medicine in general. This is irrelevant in so many ways – death rates from virtually every contagious disease declined in that time due to modern medicine, and data reporting wasn’t exactly the same in 1838 as in 1938, among other things. Then, they mark the spot when vaccinations begin and make it visually indecipherable what happened next. So because modern medicine worked in the 19th century, and I’ve created a terrible unreadable graph, vaccines don’t work? Wait, it gets worse – the author cites the decline of diseases such as Cholera as evidence. Cholera is a bacterial infection. Antibiotics went into widespread use during that time period. Measles, for example, is a virus. This is amateur misinformation and nothing more.

    2. I should add – I don’t think anyone here is actually talking about requiring children to get the FLU vaccine. So that’s a complete straw man.

  2. Well all island illegal aliens have not been immunized and they only go to the hospital for work related injuries and pregnancies!

  3. I agree with you completely. My mother had diptheria as a child and suffered the effects from that disease her whole life. She saw children dying from polio and pertussis. These vaccines have saved millions of lives.

  4. Very brave letter, molly. In a small community, it’s not always easy to speak truth. Thank you.

  5. I am appalled at the uneven presentation on the topic of vaccination in the 4/17/14 edition of the MV Times titled, “Immunization lags-The Vineyard Herd is at risk.” The Times professes to tell both sides of a story which is a hallmark of “good” journalism. How did this article then have one whole page and then over 2/3 of the next 1/2 page of the article dedicated to the pro-vaccine perspective? This is not a balanced story.

    Nathaniel Horowitz shared a tremendous amount of information quoting doctors but only those with the dictated “status quo” perspective. Why didn’t you interview naturopath Oceana Rames? For those who would like another doctors perspective watch this video of Dr. Leonard Caldwell speaking on the subject with a more accurate perspective from my humble opinion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6w87NOuW34&index=2&list=PLr5UUZ2nSd5ZIV7DNM4OinXvbE75WZGZ6

    Dr. Miller dropped the “conspiracy” bomb on a very valid connection between our government bodies like the CDC, FDC and pharmaceutical corporations but forgot to include the deadly rhetoric spewed by the AMA as well. The government has no right to dictate to us what type of healthcare we practice nor can they mandate something like vaccines without supply a remedy. Yes there is a court for those injured by vaccines but it is barely working and as corrupt as all the other fraudulent Maritime Admiralty Law de facto courts that we currently allow to deceive and rob us of our Natural Rights as well as our money. Obamacare is a perfect example of proof of my claims.

    I fired Dr. Goldfein as my pediatrician after I explained that I did not want to vaccinate and why, he vaccinated my child against my will anyway. We never went back again and my child ended up on the autism spectrum as a result of those vaccines and almost dying of the Hep B at birth. Luckily through holistic means I was able to get him off the spectrum. Dr Goldfein stated that he,”has little patience for parents who he said use the religious exemption to shield their philosophical views and skirt state law.” Well I have little patience for those hiding behind their licenses professing to care for our children while damaging or destroying their immune systems in the name of “healthcare”. Dr. Goldfein also states, “Vaccinating your kids is a no-brainer,” and I agree. If you want your children to have no brains…a lowered IQ, brain damage, lifelong illness, or cancer then by all means vaccinate your children. SIDS is nothing more than vaccine murder and I have studied the scientific data in depth on this issue.

    I admire the woman who remained anonymous and the very last sentence of the article was my favorite,”I don’t make fear-based decisions or comply with that kind of pressure.” Kudos to you dear! Neither do I. There is much coming out now that shows just how deeply our government systems and healthcare systems are in bed with the pharmaceutical corporation and have no interest in our health but much interest in controlling every aspect of our lives. I am a social and spiritual activist and among other things I make YouTube videos about the corruption, lies, and pure propaganda we are fed. I made one on this topic called, “insights & Observations of a Rainbow Warrior GodDess: ObamaCaresNOT!!!. While I appreciate the use of allopathic medicine in trauma, a pharmaceutical-based approach to wellness is an oxymoron! Our conventional “healthcare” system in this country is nothing more than population control and genocide disguised as disease management. Look at the cancer industry alone. Vaccines cause cancer and they knew it when they first promoted them as many scientists have come forth near or on their deathbed admitting what they found and reported to their bosses only to have it suppressed and vaccination sold as a profound miracle. Pure propaganda.

    I don’t have anything against people who innocently get into medicine wanting to be a healer, as I am one as well. So I am calling on those on the island in this industry to do your own homework on these issues and research something besides the dogma dictated by the AMA, the biggest killer in this country. Iatrogenesis is disease or death caused by your doctor following correctly the protocol of the AMA. We have one of the sickest countries in the world even though we spend the most on “healthcare.” It is time to face these dark realities collectively so they can be changed.

    I know there are conscious people who have their own minds and have made their own choices on this island. I met a nurse who knows the truth about vaccines and does not vaccinate herself, yet her and any others exercising their healthcare rights after researching themselves are ostracized and made to wear a mask as if they are the ones potentially threatening their co-worker’s health, not the over-sterilized petri dish of superbacterias like Staph and MRSA that a hospital environment breeds all on its own. I do not suffer the delusion of the germ “theory.” Our immune systems need to be exercised like the rest of our body. When we meet a pathogen our body immediately addresses it and creates antibodies…that is people who do not have a Harmacy of vaccines created with various foreign animal cell lines shot directly into their bloodstreams bypassing all their natural protective systems like their mouths and GI tracts, their skin, their lungs and other mucus membranes where alerts to their immune systems normally arise.

    I purposely didn’t put anything other than the Dr.’s video in here. I have done my research and I am not telling nor am I asking you to believe me. What I am asking is that our whole community do their own research into this issue so that it may bring us together in solidarity and truth instead of divide us in fear. I will leave you with a quote from James Baldwin,”Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” Infinite Blessings of Peace, Love, Abundance, & Joy for all.