Stop & Shop design fails the test


To the Editor:

I’d like to start with an apology for making my voice heard late in the process of the design proposal for the new Stop & Shop. Although I did speak up at one of the hearings, I didn’t choose a larger public forum because I wasn’t prepared to spearhead an alternative to what looked like a difficult task, namely, getting a completely new design. But then, Pam and Nat Benjamin invited me to what now is called Friends of the Vineyard, where people are galvanizing interest in opposing the current design. Other voices are speaking up as well.

My thoughts are simple. Our Island is one of the most beautiful locations in the world. We  have a long history of successful conservation. The specific location of the site is the entrance to our world.

The design of this purveyor of foods ought to be breathtaking and state of the art in terms of use of energy. The current design is way too reminiscent of an upscale mall that monopolizes the mainland.

The design of the new Stop & Shop doesn’t have to be fancy, but, I feel it needs to successfully meld current lifestyle while remaining firmly rooted to the Vineyard sensibility.  Simple sounds better than ornate. Regardless, it should be a world-class design which incorporates organic gardens for landscape, tons of green open space to attract your eye, welcome you to visit, and be a healthy experience. It needs to be as energy efficient as humanly possible.

Now, we need to raise our standards and wait until a design knocks our socks off, in terms of beauty and vision for a sustainable future. If not here, where ? If not now, when?

Paul Lazes


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