Supporting partners in Vineyard House’s mission


To the Editor:

As Vineyard House breaks ground on the construction of our new consolidated campus, it is only appropriate to thank other Island agencies that also support our population and our mission. Primary among these is the New Paths Program at Community Services. This six-week day program offers counseling and helps those in early recovery from substance abuse develop coping and life skills that are necessary for continued sober living. It is the only program of its kind available on our Island.

As we know, substance abuse is a major public health issue, and affordable, supportive therapy is all but unknown except for the services offered by New Paths. Vineyard House requires that all new residents attend the New Paths program, and over the past four years we have heard nothing but praise from our participants. Continued funding of this program is vital to the health of our community, and we fervently hope that a way will be found to make this happen.

Rob Doyle; Judy Fraser-Pearse CAC; Rufus Peeble, JD, EdD; Deborah Pigeon LCSW, CADAC; Sheila Shapiro MSW; Charles H. Silberstein MD

For the Vineyard House Resident Support Committee