Real Estate Transactions: April 14 – 25, 2014



April 22, Nathalie Gilfoyle, trustee of Christopher MA 1996 Trust, sold 53 Lighthouse Rd. to Nathalie Gilfoyle for $200,554.43.


Apr. 15, Janet M. Smith and James F. Reynolds, trustees of Anna Betty Carlson Trust, sold 45 Fuller St. to 45 Fuller Street LLC for $1,825,000.

Apr. 17, James H. and Deborah R. G. Westervelt, trustees of Neyley Realty Trust, sold a condo in Nevin Square on Winter Street to Chad A. and Michelle Verdi for $160,000.

April 23, Candace A. Nichols sold 11 Flamingo Dr. to Lloyd Daughtry and Janine Simon-Daughtry for $473,000.

Oak Bluffs

Apr. 14, Peter G. Palches a/k/a Peter Palches and Ann J. Palches a/k/a Ann Johnson Palches sold 2 Great Rock Rd. to Benjamin R. Scott and Lainey C. Fink for $455,000.

Apr. 16, James M. and Tarra R. Corcoran sold 23 Winthrop Ave. to Brendan and Molly Coogan for $475,000.

Apr. 18, James B. and Ruth D. Lockhart, trustees of Lockhart Nominee Trust, sold 78 Winemack St. to Cory A. Douglas and Shelly Elizabeth James Douglas for $1,250,000.

April 24, Howard M. and Cheryll A. Sashin sold 40 Pinewood Lane to Susan M. McSweeney for $359,500.

April 24, Jonathan and Linda Cox sold 23 Plymouth Ave. to Robert J. and Suzanne M. Areano for $730,000.

April 25, John and Lisa Reagan sold 462 County Rd. to John P. and Jennifer A. Fingado for $734,050.

April 25, Wade W. Sonnenberg sold 85 Meadow View Rd. to James Stratford R. Dennis and Ashley M. Alston for $890,000.


Apr. 16, Howard F. Shrut sold a lot on Massabesic Ave. to Richard S. and Lee M. Dubin for $535,000.

Apr. 17, Abigail Bailey LTD sold 30 Evelyn Way to Figueroa & Sons Inc. for $1,100,000.

April 22, P&E Properties LLC sold 123 Greenwood Ave. to Brandie Jordal and Nicole Shirley for $401,500.

West Tisbury

Apr. 14, Mark S. Tonnesen and Breeze Hodson Tonnesen sold 40 Orchard Rd. to Douglas E. and Lori McNeely for $1,750,000.