Make them pay

Make them pay

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To the Editor:

Stop & Shop thinks it can buy its way into the proposed project. Fine, let it.  This process seems to happen a lot on the Island. For Stop & Shop, it’s just far too few dollars.

Stop & Shop is a multi-billion dollar corporation. They write million dollar checks every minute of every day. Their attitude is, no one ever turns down a million bucks. Personally, I think $10 million has a better ring to it.

The $1.2 million should become a yearly payment, and just to show they may really care about what going on, fully funding six new high school teachers shouldn’t come as too much of an additional burden. The ice arena needs help as well.

The current store, although dirty and worn, works just fine. Leave it the way it is or be prepared to mitigate the burden a mega-store will cause to all.

Chip Mitchell

Oak Bluffs


  1. I think we should protect Stop and Shop from over extending itself so it dont end up like A&P. We need them. Keep the store as it is and remodel. Nantucket got it right.

  2. Chip, with an attitude like that it’s now apparent why Oak Bluffs looks run down and store owners don’t wish to invest in cleaning up their store fronts or theaters. They’re all rich after all, aren’t they Chip?

  3. Do you have proof S&S writes million dollar checks every minute of everyday? By my math that comes out to roughly one and a half billion a day….

  4. How about just a 100K fine every time there is a 45 minute wait between the hospital and Cronigs and a 1K fine every time there is no parking in their lot available to people that live here. That’s mitigation. With that in no time there’d be plenty of money for mitigation projects like the connector road. Or maybe S+S could build the connector road itself and fix the road issues in Edgartown where their other S+S creates problems. Either they want to help with mitigation and be a partner or they just want to throw a million bucks at the issue so they can have a license to make as much money they want, long term consequences to everyone else be darned. One thing is clear. A million bucks one time is nowhere near enough. By that logic Wal Mart just needs to find a good place at an intersection, give us 8mill and say they’ll be good for the community and there you go. And then people will say “Yay. After all. VH was beginning to look a little run down. Good thing we got this now.”