New Stop & Shop much needed

New Stop & Shop much needed

To the Editor:

Misinformation and mistruths about the proposed and much needed Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven is stunning. The suggestion that Stop & Shop is doubling the size of its store is a stretch beyond belief. Stop & Shop is expanding its footprint less than 6,000 square feet, most of the expansion is for storage and wider aisles. Parking for 42 cars will be provided below in an area that must be raised because of new floodplain regulations. This added parking is not part of the store, as with any parking with any proposal.

I feel we are in some sort of altered reality here on Martha’s Vineyard as it relates to the proposed S&S. Instead of being praised for helping to improve Vineyard Haven with an impressive proposal to replace the eyesore that is their current supermarket, Stop & Shop is somehow criticized for being a good neighbor.

A recent editorial in the newspaper states, “The detailed $1.165 million package would have Stop & Shop funding a veritable Christmas list of town projects — paying to move a historic house, donating to Habitat to Humanity, providing funds for traffic mitigation, and fixing up the town comfort station, among other things.”

This should be praiseworthy, yet somehow the mitigation package is criticized. The mitigation package agreed to by the Tisbury selectmen and Stop & Shop is the culmination of almost a year of public discussion and debate. It addresses existing problems on the Island that otherwise would not be paid for by any other entity.

This mitigation comes with the benefit of having a beautiful new supermarket, built to replace the old, outdated, ugly, and totally unworkable Stop & Shop in Vineyard Haven.

Why this should be criticized defies belief. We have a rare opportunity to finally improve our downtown area. Let’s not turn our backs on this opportunity because of a small vocal group of people who seem to believe that no change is the best kind of change.

Sam Koohy


Sam Koohy is the manager of the Vineyard Haven Stop & Shop.


    1. “not a bad idea after all”?

      Willing to wager on that?

      The new store will have the tractor trailer located ACTUALLY closer to the main store entry point than as it currently sits, which is the main contribution to why everyone thinks the place is a dump. AND, not only that but between the tractor trailer and the store entry will sit the stores main dumpster. As you descend the narrow ramp out of the new store, you will be looking directly at the tractor.

      If this is approved, we will be swapping out a current small bad design, with a massive worse design, and added traffic and further environmental degradation.

      Why has there been no design allocation for a real back of store area to accommodate the functioning of the store on the Stop & Shop property. This is so shortsighted.

      Who really thinks that they will be able to maintain a nice clean tractor trailer bay and dumpster bay enough that it should sit closer to the main store entry than the current set up has?

      Factor in the other several dozen small delivery trucks that will also be using this most congested bottleneck by the comfort station and cromwell lane and you have the making for a real SNAFU.

      Newer, can be much worse. Be wary of shiny new objects in such a congested and important area.

      1. Your facts are skewed. Not factual information especially after last nights hearing.

      2. Based on the pdf files linked on the MVC site, the ramp is 6 feet wide. That’s double the width of any staircase in my home. Also, people descending the ramp will NOT see trucks unloading or refuse trucks picking up as both functions will be within the loading area and behind closed doors during the day. As for keeping the area clean, it’s not at all difficult.

        You’re obviously describing a different building. Please post your comments there and not here.

        1. Better check again. The 58′ tractor trailer they will have parked their everyday will NOT fit inside the garage doors. So they will need to remain open with the tractor part sticking out. I suggest before pledging your blind allegiance to Stop & Shop you actually inform yourself

          1. Yes I do know. Do you know that the stop & shop in edgartown in the summer can get up to three tractor trailer deliveries a day. This stores retail space is bigger. And that store has a better designed back of store, and why, because it uses it own property.

            So if you think the tractor detaching and rettaching is an efficient way to run a long term business in a congested location I really don’t know what more to say to you. I think if you really take a fresh look at this proposal you might to be a bit more skeptical.

          2. Well I differ there, my trust lies with the local island population of concerned citizens, and their true friends from around the world. We have kept it local for as long as we have been here. And it’s what makes this place so special. I guess we are different than the mainland in that way. You can leave us to our own devices if you find our civil awareness and activism so offensive.

          3. Even if you drive a truck, I expect the people at Stop & Shop have far superior experience with logistics of truck delivery. And by the way, there is more than one size trailer. Curious how that inconvenient truth escaped you.

  1. I personally have no problem with S&S’s proposed design. Parking for 42 vehicles within the design, excellent. Sorry Sam, your current store you manage is kind of an eyesore as it is now, it would be nice to see an updated market that would continue to bring relatively affordable items to the aisles. Sam and his staff have been more than generous in contributing to the local wintertime soup suppers, supporting the Jimmy Fund and providing to the food programs out here. It’s a nice design and will definitely visually improve this area of down town. It will end up just like the rotary. . . “Not a bad idea after all”.

  2. I don’t think you even wrote this letter. The stunning disbelief should be coming from the citizens of Tisbury. How can you use language like this to abuse the people and town you operate in. You can take your big box design off to the mainland where it belongs. Just say no, MVC.
    p.s. in case you the readers want to know, there was a petition presented to people by your employes last summer asking for signatures that read: “do you want a new Stop and Shop in Vineyard Haven?” Boy, you sure are dishonest to use that “survey” to the show the MVC all the “support” for this ill conceived plan.

    1. I’d get slapped down if I suggested something be styled after Nantucket. The layout of Nantucket Town is very different than the business districts on the Vineyard. By its location, I am guessing the small Stop & Shop is targeted at visiting boaters; it’s an easy walk from the marinas.

      The Edgartown store on the Vineyard is smaller than what Stop & Shop had before the mainland rebuilds in the early 1980’s. Stores that size or smaller are forced to put the more expensive smaller can and box sizes in order to get a selection on the shelves, and even then the selection is a poor one. Most of my dashes to the Vineyard Haven store for one missing item result in going to Edgartown, burning gas and keeping Big Oil in the money.

      1. Nantucket has one very important thing in common with us. We are islands. I am talking about appropriate scale here, not old high school rivalries.
        Dashing to Edgartown? Then you must be driving right by Cash ‘n Carry. They have lots of bulk items that no one else carries.
        Burning gas? try sitting in mostly stopped and go traffic at five corners.
        Look, I am looking forward to a new store as much as anybody. I’m just incredibly disappointed that they think this is a great idea. Did you hear them say they want to build out to the edge of the lots to “maximize profits?” I did. Their bottom line is $$$, not our community.

        1. I was taught the second thing a business should do after providing a service to the community is make a profit. As others have posted, Stop & Shop offers lower prices than the other name grocer in Tisbury. As for wages, I would like if everyone were paid more yet store prices remain low but that’s not how a free economy works.
          As for the building size, what business on Vineyard is not for all practical purposes, built to the property line?