Tisbury fire chief questions Verizon over storage yard fire

Tisbury fire chief questions Verizon over storage yard fire

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Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling explained to a Global Industrial Services foreman that a fire that broke out Sunday morning was not restricted to trash. — Photo by Nelson Sigelman

Tisbury firefighters turned out about 11 am, Sunday to extinguish a fire that erupted in a pile of brush, fence timbers, and debris located in a storage area behind the Verizon building off Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road.

It appeared that someone had intentionally piled the debris to burn it. With winds gusting past 30 mph, it was no day to be burning anything outdoors. Quick work by firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to nearby pines and woods and contained it in the Verizon work yard.

A visibly irritated Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling said flames were leaping 10 to 15 feet high when he arrived. “This could have been much, much worse,” Mr. Schilling said.

Simonio Cordeiro Albino, an employee for Global Industrial Services (GIS), a Verizon cleaning company subcontractor, told police through a Portuguese interpreter that when he arrived to take out the trash he saw the debris smoldering and he attempted to put it out with a bucket of water.

Chief Schilling contacted a GIS foreman who said he understood it was burning trash. In strong terms, Mr. Schilling explained it was not trash. “We were moments away from a conflagration,” he told the man on the other end of the phone line. Mr. Schilling insisted that a company representative meet with him to discuss the fire

Mr. Schilling told The Times the burn season ended on May 1 and there was no permit issued. “This was done without any forethought for the safety of anybody in the immediate area,” he said.


  1. Guy will probably only get a $5.00 fine seeing he didnt understand English and didnt know he needed a permit!!!!

    1. it said he came upon it, not that he started it. i am curious of why the interpreter parts in there anyway though, its not relevant to anything.

      1. It’s because he lied through the “interpreter”, and when they called his boss, he told the chief about the burning of such trash.

        1. That’s not in the article. Is this outside information you have or just slander?

  2. With the many illegal and disgusting trash dumps all over the Island and the illegal and unsafe fires maybe it’s time to include trash removal in our taxes? While it’s sad that someone would rather dump their trash on someone else’s property rather than bring it to a transfer station or have it picked up it’s a reality.

    1. Most of us get fire, schools, roads, and police. Water, sewage, and trash arent in there. Budget in Edg is 30 million just for that. With water,sewage,and trash it would prbly be 60 million.

      1. I didn’t include water and sewer..I’m not sure why you would. Are people going to the bathroom in the streets and stealing water from Sengy? What’s the value of not having fires and the Island covered with illegal dumps?