How to help out


To the Editor:

Our hearts go out to the Hanjian/Whitaker families who were in a terrible car accident in Virginia on April 29th.

Laurel Redington (Whitaker) has been a wonderful friend to the residents of Windemere. Laurel interviewed many of our residents about their music memories from years past. Her program “Silver Lining” was very popular with residents. She was always so kind and encouraging to each of the residents.

Ellie Hanjian has been a volunteer at Windemere for several years as have both of her grandparents. Ellie’s Mother, Mary Holmes, is our Memory Care Program Coordinator.

Everyone at Windemere, staff and residents alike, are keeping both families in our prayers and close to our hearts.

We have started a fundraising page to help both families.

If anyone would like to donate, please go to: “Islanders helping Islanders in need.” Thank you,

Betsy Burmeister

Recreation Therapy Director