Stop & Shop withdraws MVC application

Stop & Shop withdraws MVC application

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Facing staunch opposition and uncertainty at the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, Stop & Shop withdrew from the permitting process.

The most recent rendering of the new two-story, 30,500-square-foot supermarket Stop & Shop proposed to build. — Photo illustration courtesy of MVC

Updated 2:20 pm, Wednesday

Stop & Shop last Thursday shelved plans to replace its decrepit Vineyard Haven supermarket. In a request emailed to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC) on May 8, Stop & Shop withdrew its application to consolidate three abutting properties and remove the existing buildings, including its existing store, in order to construct a new two-story, 30,500-square-foot market with parking for 41 vehicles in an enclosed area on the ground level under the market.

Stop & Shop leaders made the decision to check out of the permitting process following more than 10 months of review by the Island’s powerful regional permitting body as a development of regional impact (DRI). At the last in a series of MVC public hearings on May 1, two of the three Tisbury selectmen and the town planning board spoke unanimously in opposition to the size of the project.

The MVC was expected to vote on the application when it met next on June 5.

Stop & Shop said it remains committed to an alternative to its current store. In an email to the MVC announcing Stop & Shop’s request to withdraw its application, Geoghan E. Coogan, the Vineyard Haven lawyer who has represented the company throughout the process, said, “It is our sincere hope to move forward with a project in the future.”

The announcement came in the form of the following statement issued by Joe Kelly, President of Stop & Shop New England.

“For the past eighteen months, Stop & Shop has worked diligently to design, analyze and present to the Martha’s Vineyard Commission a definitive plan for the redevelopment of the Tisbury Stop & Shop store. This process has involved many hours of research, planning, engineering and architectural design, by local professionals, corporate professionals, and the Martha’s Vineyard Commission members, its staff and hired peer consultants. This is the very purpose of the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and we applaud the efforts of all those involved.

“Following the close of the public hearing on May 1, 2014, Stop & Shop has decided to request a withdrawal of the current proposal from the Martha’s Vineyard Commission to digest all of the comments, questions and concerns related to the project. Stop & Shop is a vested partner of this community, and will remain committed to evaluating alternatives to bring back life, vitality and character to the gateway of Martha’s Vineyard and to be the true anchor for the downtown area of the Town of Tisbury.

“We want to thank our loyal customers and many supporters, and recognize this decision may disappoint those who want and deserve a far better store.”

Mixed views

Tisbury planning board chairman Tony Peak said the board’s primary objection to the submitted plan was the size of the setbacks and the footprint. “The planning board asked the commission to deny the proposal,” he said. “I am pleased and I think the planning board is pleased that they withdrew.”

Mr. Peak said he expects Stop & Shop to return with a modified proposal. “I don’t think it is impossible for them to have something that would work there,” he said.

Mr. Peak said a building reduced in size and moved back from the property lines to allow for more of a feeling of openness would be a start.

He said sea level rise and insurance regulations require that buildings be at a certain height.

“I think if the footprint could be modified so the building would be back from the edges of the property, and softened in general by open spaces and lower spaces,” he said. “It could probably work quite well.”

April Levandowski, co-owner of Leroux, which specializes in home goods, said that she would like to see the improvements to the town that a new store would bring.

“I am extremely disappointed by the pull-out,” she said. “I can understand people’s concerns for preservation and conservation, but at the expense of progress? I just don’t understand it. I can also understand the concerns about competition. A bigger Stop & Shop will no doubt sell some of the same things that we and other businesses in town sell, but we can learn to live with it.”

Ms. Levandowski said she didn’t think that the larger store would bring much of an increase in traffic and that the additional parking would be good for the town.

Carole Salguero of West Tisbury said she hopes the withdrawal was simply a tactical maneuver. “I am disappointed that the project won’t go through. I think the design took into consideration the requirement for parking, the requirement to comply with floodplain regulations, and used a local architect sensitive to the Island aesthetic,” she said.

“My sense is that there are many people, like me, who found that the renovation project was just fine. I think there are more people in the community who would like to see Stop & Shop rebuild to help make the harbor the jewel of Vineyard Haven rather than the most dilapidated area in town. It doesn’t mean making it look like Edgartown, for crumb’s sake, but just making it look nice.”

Ben Robinson of Vineyard Haven actively opposed the Stop & Shop plan and helped launch a petition drive against it.

“I think it is a wise decision on their part to withdraw,” he said. “They put a lot of effort into trying to push their plan through and I think they realized that their plan might not be the best solution. A denial from the MVC would have been worse for them. I wish they made this decision a lot sooner when people told them what they were planning was inappropriate for the location.”

Mr. Robinson said that one of his concerns was the way the Stop & Shop plan would encumber the parking lot. “That’s a town lot. It is not a road. The plan would have taken away the town’s ability to use that land for something else other than a parking lot.” he said. “People would have to cross the town property to use the proposed new parking and to use the store’s loading bays.”

Mr. Robinson said the Island can only support so much. “That plan was going to take way too much of the dwindling pie of what can be developed in Vineyard Haven and the impact on Five Corners was too great,” he said.


  1. I think it might be good for the naysayers of S&S to have a picture of the current building, from the same angle, posted alongside the rendition above … much better to have this decrepit building than a new one, eh? Too much negativity, nit-picking at the MVC and by the lately sprung protesters.

        1. If Stop & Shop sells the properties, though they could afford not to, good luck with that.

          1. luck wouldn’t have anything to do with it. It’s a prime property. There is no other place like it. It’s a supply/demand issue. There was life before S+S. There would be life after it.

          2. Then it’s good they can afford not to because Vineyard Haven has a lousy track record for attracting new business.

          3. As opposed to OB or Edg? Have you noticed the growth in the Cronigs area?
            Elios, Fellas, La Chorza, Waterside Market, Sweet E’s, Copper Wok, Bunch of Grapes moving across the street and their spot being taken right away….not exactly a ghost town.

          4. First you trash tourism, then you claim it with pride. As for State Road, it’s hardly a victory of planning.

          5. Fellas, La Chorza, Waterside Market, Copper Wok are tourist locations that I mention with pride? Nice try. All those business are year round, unlike the ones in the rest of the seasonal ghost towns around here.

          6. Why sell it? They can just hold the real estate and let it sit with or without a store. As the building depreciates the taxes go down. Isn’t that standard Vineyard procedure for commercial space in the center of a town?

          7. The reason for not selling prime real estate is to prevent a competitor from getting it. The problem with that property is rebuilding requires elevation and insurance will be high anyway. If flooding becomes too frequent and streets aren’t elevated, the location must be abandoned. But there should be a climate-denier with disposable cash.

          8. Right, but Ahold also has a real estate arm. They can (I’m not saying they will) dump it into that portfolio and see if it appreciates. They can then leverage the property in a variety of ways.

          9. High rise affordable housing maybe? Lots of folks seem to think that’s needed. Gotta put it somewhere.

          10. yeah, many companies hold valuable real estate , don’t use it and leverage it. It’s not 2008 anymore.

          11. Thanks to our crisis mode Fed . they got a good low interest deal. I wish I had the money I pissed away in the 90s with a 9 percent mortgage. Where was our government int fixing then?

  2. If Stop & Shop sells, they could include a provision that the property not be used for parking. That would be funny.

    1. Stop and Shop should create a non-profit (so zoning won’t be such a problem) and in the spirit of Corey Kuppersmith, make a nice, seaside pig farm. That’s right in the spirit of all the complainers who want the quaint Vineyard circa 1830.

      1. Practically, I think there’s little need for a “no parking” provision. I know of few municipalities ever that were willing to buy private property for the public good.

  3. Of course I have not forgotten you. Nor will I ever forget who exactly ruined it for everyone.

    1. Well there were a solid 1700 people who signed the petition. There was the whole Tisbury Planning board. Two Tisbury selectmen…..

      1. Yes, it has been abundantly clear for some time now that Tisbury is no longer capable of governing itself, kid.

        Some adults need to step in and make you clean and organize your room, since your misuse of it affects us all.

        The idiot sign “art” is back up at the Tashmoo Overlook, but the Stop & Shop redevelopment has been taken down.

        The irony is perfect.

        Said “art” is just down the street from where Stop & Shop WOULD HAVE BEEN, along with the much-needed connector road, had the Nobnocket project not been scuttled by your people and planners past, over two decades ago.

        Put up all the signs you want declaring your decrepit, disjointed town a “cultural district,” if you succeed in bamboozling the Massachusetts Cultural Council. You are all seriously delusional.

        Spend your money on ticket-happy parking/traffic Nazis instead of on actual PARKING and public restrooms that are OPEN when people are here.

        My cabs drive thousands of dollars from General Aviation day-trippers into down-island restaurants over the course of a season, to whichever towns will give them best experience.

        The order is as follows: Edgartown first, Oak Bluffs second, Vineyard Haven NEVER, unless the fare requests it.

        Enjoy your “victory.”

        1. If you want to put a Wal Mart at the busiest intersection of your town, because you think that would be so wise, go for it. It might really revitalize the place. Add some character. Much better to look at than art.

          1. Chasing Stop & Shop away is one thing. Doing away with the tourist trade,( or “puking pieces of trash” as you term them) is another. It’s amazing that you can’t recognize the impact that would have on you.

          2. the impact? S&S isn’t going anywhere, this store is a goldmine. read their statement.

          3. Bull. Do you see tons of tourists in Chilmark and West Tis? Nice places? Nice places to drive and live? Exactly. I know a lot of people think it’s a great idea to do things like kill sharks or something to attract the Jersey Shore rejects, but Tisbury doesn’t necessarily want that or think it’s a good idea.

        2. it is people like you who are happy to make their living in Vineyard Haven and happy to bash it. go away.

          1. Visitors often say to me “Gee, you must hate tourist season.” I respond “No, that is how I make a living, and the worst people to deal with are those who live here year-round.”

            When I say that, I am thinking specifically of sanctimonious moonbats like you, Ms. Laursen.

          2. Thank you for having your public restrooms, AKA “comfort station,” open as of Friday afternoon, May 9th. [1]

            Thank you for ensuring the necessary infrastructure was built to handle present-day traffic volume to and from the Steamship Authority. [2]

            Thank you for managing your town better than a band of methamphetamine-addicted chimpanzees. [3]

            Gee, it must be nice to be old, and not have to work for a living, and make idiot decisions affecting those who do.

            1. The Book of NOT! (2014)
            2. Ibid.
            3. Ibid.

          3. It was not Tisbury ensuring the current infrastructure, credit MassDOT for pushing for a new drawbridge before the old one failed entirely.

  4. Honestly – what a shame. Or perhaps just a sham. I can’t understand the resistance to change and improvement of that area it’s an embarrassing “gateway” to the island – and this would have gone a long way towards cleaning it up.

  5. They just saved themselves a whole lot of money. When are people going to get it that the economy hasnt recovered. There are foreclosures everywhere and paychecks dont even come close to what the public sector makes. Wise business decision .They should wait till the recession ends and 100 million people get off government aid.

    1. And, what jobs are these? construction jobs? I guess not since everyone just torpedoed a building project. Shift money from a bank into the economy? I guess not since everyone just torpedoed a building project.

    2. I am so glad you could take a break from your job (which is clearly as an economics professor) to post such an insightful comment.

      1. In a bad economy you must live within your means, something government hasnt discovered. I dont think S&S could increase their business at that location. Sometimes when Edg runs out of products I go to VH which usually always has it in stock. This paper said 538 families were on food stamps. Wages have been cut at stores to be lower than they were in the 1990s including S&S. Of course if the steamship authority doubles it rates to pay for 100 million in boat and terminal purchase then no one can get off the island and will have to buy everything at S&S. Then you have your increased business.

  6. Good for S&S. They have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars with these yahoos. They should stop negotiating. The powers to be should be ashamed of themselves for not beautifying this dump of a block.

  7. Absolutely absurd. The opposition to this are the same people who refused to change the stupid blinking yellow lights on the edg-vh road for forty years because they wanted to “preserve” the island’s quaintness. So now the island has a gross dilapidated grocery store to compliment the gross dilapidated movie theaters as the welcoming sight of Martha’s Vineyard

    1. which is the fault of the property owners, not the town. funny how people like you love to bash the town when you don’t like how the buildings look. Pick up the phone and complain to the people who own the buildings you call gross and dilapidated. Your fingers seem to be working.

      1. Main Street in Vineyard Haven is nothing special. It has no cultural, architectural, or historical significance. Doesn’t matter who one complains to because the property owners don’t care. And that’s the Vineyard character.

  8. I told you they would pull away. MV liberals love employment but hate employers.

    1. And there are too many MV conservatives willing to sell out quality of life for a buck.

      1. How on earth could a new and vibrant supermarket lessen the quality of life on the island?

        1. The same way a new and vibrant SSA boat didn’t. Tooooooo biiiiggg. Tooooo mannnyy caarrss. 45 minutes in traffic from OB to VH. 35 minutes from VH to OB. Oops. There’s a fire. Now no fire trucks can get through. There goes the whole neighborhood just like the 1880s. Did you seriously think you would ever get a parking spot there? Or be in a line that wasn’t New York style long?

          1. Is it time then to make Cronig’s smaller? Or how about Elio’s already-approved market? Should the MVC retroactively deny his permit? What about then making a lottery system to come to the island? In your view, what is the right number of cars and people, so we can initiate a quota system? Wait a minute. I like that idea. Just like affirmative action. We set the number of off islanders we want and then admit on that basis. Maybe Obama should just send one of his czars to figure things out for us.

          2. No because Cronigs is in a great spot and actually takes care of their properties.

          3. I am not sure how many tens of millions of dollars Stop and Shop was intending to invest in the Vineyard Haven store, but how does such an intent not conform to a reasonable person’s definition of “takes care of their properties.”

          4. Well most people don’t let their home become a dump before they upgrade or expand. They could easily do more within what they have right now. Sorry if I’m not impressed with “the health food store”.

          5. So just out of curiosity, what route do you take to go from OB to VH or the opposite? I just enjoy wasting gas and figure your route must be better for that.

          6. Hey if you’re in some sort of flying car, or something, that can avoid all the traffic that gets backed up over said bridge routinely in summer then more power to you.

          7. tiskid claims it takes him 45 minutes to drive from Oak Bluffs to Vineyard Haven. It’s 3 miles between, a walker should take about 54 minutes. Maybe he tailgates those on foot.

      2. Harassing a supermarket to not improve itself physically makes our quality of life better. Only a MV hippie would suggest that.

  9. I agree with all the comments (apparently coming from S+S itself even) that S+S has allowed their store there to fall apart. So what on Earth makes anyone think they’d take care of the new store? You’ll just end up with a bigger dump. That’s the S+S strategy I guess. Let the store fall apart while making tons of money, then build an even bigger store to make even more money. Wash, rinse, repeat, right? Do you actually think they’d take care of the next store? Maybe if they had taken care of this one people would have had some faith in S+S to fit into the community. They have nobody to blame but themselves, not hippies, not protestors, not anyone. Bad store. Bad plan. Bad spot.

    1. I sincerely doubt that you have accurately stated their business plan. They have 400 stores. They really don’t need this one. You, however, do need a place to buy groceries. Congratulations on your victory.

      1. We have places to buy groceries. They aren’t even run down or in a place I can never find parking.

    2. They purchased a run-down building and if I recall did a lot of work inside the building. Now they want to invest a great deal of money to fix up the outside of the building. This Island would look a whole lot nicer if more property owners made an effort instead of just letting their buildings rot into decay or get converted over to a seasonal stand for baubles/t-shirts/junk food.

      1. A scary thing just happened… I’ve never heard you say anything that I’ve agreed with KenEsq, but here we are.

        100% accurate statement.

        And look, hell hasn’t even frozen over.

        1. I have no idea who you are or why I, or anyone else, would care that you agreed with something I wrote. Wait, are you my wife?

          1. I have no idea who you are either, nor do I care, but what a snarky and unpleasant way to respond to someone who agreed with you.

            You made a valid point (and as far as I have read that’s not a common occurrence) and I wished to both acknowledge it and note that the logic of your arguement transcended the traditional “conservative vs liberal” nonsense that these comments sections are rife with. But you’re right “Ken,” you shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks. Why would you? It’s not like you live in some kind of community of peers or anything

          2. My comment was a joke. I thought your’s was too. I guess I should have been more thankful as you are obviously the arbiter of all things valid.

  10. S&S has plenty of opportunities to invest their money in other communities where they are welcome. Sorry MVY, your loss hope your happy with 2nd rate shopping options.

  11. The opponents of the rebuild will be complaining for years that the traffic problems of Vineyard Haven are the fault of Stop & Shop. When reminded the grocery store is no longer downtown (presuming the location is closed), these opponents will recall the mitigation monies for traffic some sort of fantasy land belief the town was cheated, that the mitigation deal was somehow guaranteed. Wait and see.

    As for the future of the property, I’d like to see Stop & Shop get a fair price for it. While they’re not obligated to sell (think about it), they should. A future owner will face the same choice, a rebuild with raised elevation or high flood insurance. As for parking, the town would have to buy the property and somehow I can’t see Tisbury forking up a single penny if it made good sense.

  12. Save your money Stop and Shop,thank you for all the signatures from around the world.lets take a look at Bochs property on beach road that was going to be seasonal boat storage and parking in summer months turned down or withdrawn not sure how it stands, I’m sure project ended in court and coast tax payers money.The other project is Nobnocket on state road if you were here then the project was going to be A bank and Supermarket.Drive by see the progress on those proposed projects,both of those projects sounds and reads the same that I’m reading today.The Redstone family spent I believe a half a million on a road study.Lets get back to town boards making our decisions our town boards are very capable of making these chooses of what our Town needs are .Just another example of To much Government and regulations.Stop and Shop my point is for you renovate what you have you will never see a decision made on any proposal,The tax payers and people will also lose.Very Sad

  13. There is a strong consensus that we all want a renovated store.
    But many of the gripers here have no idea of the actual impacts of this project if it had gone forward. In fact, these know-nohtings could be called the real naysayers in the picture. They think in terms of a single benefit, more choice in their grocery shopping adn wider supermarket aisles, and remain in denial about the detriments of the proposal. They act like soothsayers who know all of the positions of opponents of this project on other Island development issues. For some strange reason these commenters think that if that corner looks like a dump, it has nothing to do with the owner of the property (by the way, that is Stop & Shop, in case you forgot). S&S may even have tactical reasons for letting their property get more and more run down.

    The critics of the current expansion plan has saved Tisbury a lot of environmental and traffic aggravation and fiscal woes. MVC staff and commissioners and the Tisbury Planning Board tried very hard—putting in many, many hours and evenings of meetings, etc.—to make this thing work for S&S, but the latter stuck to “my way or the highway.” Ultimately, town officials who care most about this town’s future saw
    that they did not have a true counterparty in the intransigent S&S
    team. They finally pulled the plug on the proposal. .

    S&S now has an opportunity to show that they can play well with others. First off, they need to spruce up their property—sweep the sidewalk, fer chrissakes. Paint the building, paint a “frame” around the mural, put some potted plants on the WAter Street side, put some paint on the interior, etc. As any knowledgeable property owner well knows —and Ahold-S&S is a major real estate company, do not forget—many small measures can add up to major improvement in the overall picture, and elimination of the convenient but misleading “dump” argument.

    1. You’ll still be shouting your demands at the ferry as they sail away, won’t you?

    2. Starting off with insults and name calling generally isn’t the way to win people over to your way of thinking. Even most “know nothings” know that.

    3. The sun is up.

      Fly back to your cave and trouble us no more, moonbat.

      I know EXACTLY what the actual impact of 42 additional parking spaces would be: many times more beneficial than what your geriatric hobbyist city planner lost when he decided rows of pathetic stringy deciduous trees were preferable to … PARKING SPACE.

      I know EXACTLY what the actual impact of dozens of additional year-round jobs would be, because A&P and Stop & Shop gave three generations of my family year-round employment.

      That kindergarten-quality mural is an embarrassment. Mercifully, it is usually hidden by delivery trucks.

      Your argument is they should renovate the place, as opposed to renovating the place.

      Do you see how you are insane?

      Everyone else does.

      1. Wow, “insane.”

        “Your geriatric hobbyist city planner.”

        The invective and insults sure are flying from proponents of
        this proposal.

        Re “Your argument is they should renovate the place, as opposed to
        renovating the place.” That is not my argument. I suggest sprucing the site up while a more appropriate plan is developed. Perhaps I didn’t make that clear enough.

        1. Why would they want to spruce up that store? It is a decrepit eye sore, run down piece of garbage. Their best move would be to abandon it and let it rot. Then every time for the next 50 years you can look at this building, smile and say “at least there isn’t a new store there. This building really says welcome to the Vineyard” and smile and be on your way.

      2. Since when does taking a wrecking ball to things, and then trying to stuff a small aircraft carrier into a tiny crowded block count as renovating?

    4. If you even shopped at Stop & Shop you would know that they paint inside the store every year and they sweep the sidewalks and the side of the building every day.I worked there for 10 years and I was one of the people that swept the sidewalk and the side of the building. If the person that painted the mural wanted a frame around it they would have painted a frame around it. Croings has expanded but no one said a word about that, he put in all those solar panels in the parking lot and now it looks like a fueling station not a grocery store. When the A & P owned the building they wanted to move up by the old Sears store, they wouldn’t let them because they said it would cause to much traffic in that area and you can believe Steve Bernier was behind that. It was probably the same people that said no to that . Bernier even admitted that he bought that old house next to the old Chinese restaurant so that Stop & Shop couldn’t expand because it would hurt his business. I think it is sad that people have to act that way. Not every one can afford to shop at Cronings because his prices are outrageous. I was for the Stop & Shop expanding because I thought the new store would look nice a lot better than Cronings looks now.

    5. The original building and expansions all by A&P never fit the image of an idyllic seaside village many want. Stop & Shop did not neglect the structure; this was not like a well-built home, materials and foundation wore out, it needs to be replaced Any future tenant will face the same challenge. And if they choose to rebuild, they will have to raise the structure. The result may be the simple box design nobody wants.

      The other food chains mentioned are enough big box to make Stop & Shop look like a convenience store, they scaled down the design like no other chain will. Have fun with that. Did the Stop & Shop plan for Water Street fit in with the desired image of Vineyard Haven? It’s moot now.

      What opponents should have argued was the expected rise in sea level. You all did Stop & Shop a big favor. A new store at this location might have a shorter life span than the current building. Vineyard Haven should consider that and plan for the future. Water Street, Beach Road, and five corners may all have enough flooding to become unusable … except by the Steamship Authority.

      Vineyard Haven is the main port on the island. Let it be the port town. Moving the ferry terminal east on Beach Road merely moves the five corners traffic east to follow. Give up the battle, Tisbury must make the decision to forgo Island character, make the roads around the terminal serve the ferry traffic. What happens to the shopping on Main Street? Move it to State Street, Tisbury already has business there; just enact design requirements so that stretch of road doesn’t look like an industrial park. And get the connector road approved.

  14. EGAD
    The gnashing of teeth, the wringing of hands, the insults. How embarassing. This is about a new grocery store people, not a prison. Stop & Shop will build a store and everyone will navigate the new aisles and be happy.

    1. I agree in part, but that grocery store(s) is far more important to many people here than the roundabout. Stop & Shop is the only supermarket on the Island that has prices that a middle class family can afford.

  15. Here’s the thing, Martha’s Vineyard: you want to represent as a cool, self-sustainable, no-big-corporation, real community kinda place… and, guess what? We are pretty much doing that! BUT – we sustain this lifestyle – where we know each other, we care about our neighbors – and each other’s kids – and our kids’ teachers – and our kids’ doctors – each other’s parents – kids coaches – by thin threads… that tie us all together. So, if the Stop & Shop wants to make the store they have in Vineyard Haven bigger & nicer, for us (pretty much, since the wonderful tourists are here for 2 months) – how about we work with them?

    1. Are you going to argue they won’t impact traffic at five corners at all? Then why bother with them? And if they do, why accept them?

      1. My thought would be that MB from the start would pursue a better location .To me only common sense shows that a bigger stop and shop at the current location would only increase traffic. And with MB we would receive better prices and quality of food. I know people and that to the mainland and go to MB but I’ve never heard of anybody going off to go to stop and shop.

          1. My point is that Market Basket, Costcos, and BJ’s I feel offer better quality foods and at a better price . And would not even think of that area for such a large size store. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that such a large increase in the size of the store would only add more congestion to the already congested area .
            And I also disagree with you that stop and shop stores all have the same price. Compare the prices of Stop and Shop to the above-listed places . Its a competition that’s needed here.When I see the price difference . I can only say OUCH !

          2. I don’t see how a larger store will miraculously create more people out of thin air. Maybe a few people who never shopped there before might give it a try but other than that it will be the same folks that have always shopped there. Between the three S&S stores I regularly shop at; with two being off island; the prices are (to the penny) the same between all three, the flyers are the same, and the sales are the same. The only difference are bottles requiring a deposit in Ma. and “dented can” sale baskets. I used to have a Costco card but as a single male found it not worth what little savings I realized there. I also didn’t like walking about a mile inside the store to shop for just a few items.

            I do miss the old A&P in Edgartown where in the middle of summer you could find some winter priced “treasures” in the back of the shelves.

          3. S+S admits freely their new store would add to traffic by as much as 15%, but they don’t address various other aspects like wait time in the store itself. Also if S+S prices are to the penny the same then we can’t really expect any price benefit at all, just more products, which you can get in other places. S+S is much bigger in Edg and they still don’t have the quality or the options as Cronigs. The fact of the matter is S+S needs us more than we need them.

          4. Without both S&S stores there will be larger shortages of food stuffs than there is now especially during busy summer months and winter holidays. The remaining stores simply can’t pick up the slack.
            Simply stating that traffic will increase 15% wont make it so. The figure quoted was most likely a “worst case” scenario.
            Why would you expect any price benefit other than their every day low(ish) prices?
            I don’t think wait time could possibly get any longer than they are now.
            Enjoy your Cronigs, I would rather go without than shop there.
            Please don’t feel you have to respond as your reply will probably bore me as much as all you other responses.

          5. not only that, Tim Mc Lean has stated that there will be no net tax gain for Tisbury.

  16. Well the commission strikes again, with the town of Tisbury…you deserve the disgusting movie theatre and ugly five corner area you have now. Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear….hope stop and shop sells its building and moves on. It’s hard to suggest people visit MV when the entranceway is a dump. Wake up people…help was being handed to you on a silver platter….

    1. let me try to understand this….a huge traffic creating nightmare was supposed to make 5 corners better and also fix up a movie theater? Hmmm…let me think about that one for a while.

  17. I am absolutely disgusted and appalled that this is the outcome after eighteen months of Stop & Shop acquiescing to the demands of this ridiculous group of people. Now we are left to look at this DUMP in order to “preserve the quaintness”of VH. Is that what we’re calling it? What a disgrace! What a horrible eyesore it is in it’s current state. This group of whiners have done a terrible disservice to the town. I take it you’re all delighted with yourselves.