Tisbury voters approve $1.3 million override, elect Hillary Conklin clerk

Tisbury voters approve $1.3 million override, elect Hillary Conklin clerk

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Tisbury voters went to the polls Tuesday. From left to right: Andrew Worlock, Melinda Loberg and Linda Conklin. — Photo by Nelson Sigelman

Tisbury voters went to the polls Tuesday and said yes to a $1,296,084 Proposition 2.5 general override. In the town’s only contested race, Hillary Conklin defeated Barbara Lampson 404 to 346 to fill the job of town clerk.

A total of 770 voters, or 25 percent of the town’s 3,207 registered voters, turned out to cast ballots. There were 61 absentee ballots.

Question one, a Proposition 2.5 request for $1,111,084 to support the town and school operating budgets and $185,000 to fund capital stabilization funds for the fire, ambulance, and department of public works passed by a vote of 367 to 349.

A non-binding resolution requesting Governor Patrick Deval to ask the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to shut down the Plymouth Nuclear Power Station passed 503 to 179.

Tuesday afternoon, Linda Conklin of Northampton, Ms. Conklin’ mother, stood on Spring Street and held a sign supporting her daughter’s candidacy. After the close of the polls at 8 pm, Ms. Conklin held her daughter’s hand.

“I’m ready to fall over,” Hillary Conklin, clerk-elect said. “I’m just overwhelmed.”

Ms. Conklin said she would greatly miss the woman she will replace, town clerk Marion Mudge, who will retire in seven days after 30 years as Tisbury town clerk.

“I have very mixed feelings,” Ms. Mudge said as she presided over her last town election. “It’s time. I have to do it. I don’t want to do it, but my body is telling me its definitely time for somebody else to take over the reins.”

Melinda Loberg, elected to the three-member board of selectman in an uncontested election, said the work lies ahead. “The campaign was not difficult but the work will be,” she said.

Ms. Loberg, who wears many committee hats, said she would resign from the Dukes County Commission.

There were no other contested races.

Results: Selectman, Melinda Loberg (598); board of assessors, Roy Cutrer Jr. (572); board of health, Jeffrey Pratt (578); board of public works, three-year term, George Balco (442), Leo P. DeSorcy (506); board of public works, one-year term, Jeff Kristal (437); finance and advisory committee (four for 3 year terms), Mary Ellen Larsen (540), Jynell Kristal (432), Larry Gomez (36 write-ins), Jeff Kristal (12 write-ins); library trustee (three for 3 year terms), Marilyn Wortman (593), Carolyn Henderson (50), Akeyah Nunes (17 write-ins); library trustees for one year, Nora Nevin (26 write-ins); Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank, John (Tony) Nevin (520); planning board, Cheryl Doble (536); school committee, Janet Packer (582); town moderator, Deborah Medders (608); and water commissioner, David Schwab (594).


  1. Congratulations Hillary, Barbara Lampson’s online friends and their trash mouthing politics didn’t work out so well. Barbara should start surrounding herself with nicer, more civilized friends and get her taxes paid up if she happens to runs again.

    1. Hillary is the trash mouth at Town Hall. Behind the smile. Behind the backs. She has been dishonest in other ways. Surrounds herself with those she reports gossip to. I do wish her good luck as Town Clerk, but be very careful what you say in her presence.

      1. Looks like Karen C friend’s cards didnt work out so well. Wonder if she will give her a refund?

  2. Congrats to Hillary, the best person won. As far as gossip, what office environment doesn’t have that? Barbara Lampson is a difficult person to work with. I’ve had the experience, if she thinks she can gain from trash mouthing hard working employees, she would. Perhaps she should pay her taxes like everyone else. If anyone pulls her history of tax payments they would see it goes back further than FY13. Working three jobs and still can’t pay her taxes? No one should hold a town job if they aren’t current on their taxes. Maybe if she has a loan she should’ve escrowed her taxes if she had she might be making 86 grand a year right now. It always comes back Barbara.

    1. I could not agree more harrycarry. About (BL) her actions and non actions as far as paying taxes and lying about only a little taxes owed `this year`, please. We have enough untruthful and unethical people who we pay their salaries and who are suppose to work for us, from your president on down!

      The best person did win and thank GOD because after her side trashes everybody at town hall what a great environment that would be our country is divided enough! Two thumbs up Hillary!

  3. I’d suggest that Julia Kidd make some signs for Town Hall, but they appear to be a major fail no matter where she spreads the love. Of course I have not forgotten you, lol. I thought the comments under her thread were getting nasty and personal, but these take the cake. Unbelievable behavior.

    1. OMG femptyhal, that would be the worst! That is why so many people complained about those foolish signs before and were taken down! Whoever allowed her to be put back up need to be shaken. If she is so inspired why doesnt she go down to the boats like when we use to coin dive as kids but have her greet all the tourists with her foolishness and on all their departures have her ask all those if they have treated our island like they treat their home towns or have they trashed and littered it like we see getting worst each year. Sounds like a good Idea to me.

      1. Ahh, coin diving. I used to put them in my mouth before coming back up. I wanted more and more.

        The signs don’t offend me. The VOTE signs, their proliferation offends me. Many don’t come down for some time. Julia’s comes down after a week or two.

  4. Congratulations, Hillary! Just so you know, I cast the deciding 51 votes ;)

    MVT: When will full election results be posted?

  5. The real story is how many votes the loser received inspire of not paying taxes. Nothing disqualifies anyone anymore. Oh, I suppose if one is a conservative, one would surely lose.

  6. Now, who would be appointed as the secretary? Can we have some young, hard-working, honest person that will help to transform the inert town hall office environment?

    1. Are you saying that Hillary, as secretary, was not hard working? Not honest? Just asking for clarification. Not casting aspersions.