To the prom, post haste

The MVRHS sailing team participated in a regional competition and a junior prom, all in one night.

Raz Sayre, Vineyard sailor, steps off the Patriot boat the team rented to make it to the prom in time. — Ralph Stewart

The Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School sailing team had to make a quick transition Saturday evening. After competing in the New England Team Racing Championship for the first time in the program’s history, the team had one last maneuver to make. The sailors had to ditch the waterproof slickers in favor of some formal attire and get to the prom, post haste.


The Vineyard sailors arriving on the Patriot.


Raz Sayre climbing off the Patriot.


Raz Sayre putting on his tux coat.


Charlie laces up his Prom shoes.


Eli Hanschka ready for the prom.


Charlie Morano Sr. helping son Charlie Jr. with his jacket.


Maddy Moore (sailor) with her mom Melissa.


Maddy Moore (sailor) getting ready with her mom Melissa.


Mary Morano helps Anna Flaherty get ready.


From left: Lucy Hackney (without Eli Hanschka), Jack Yuen (without Zana Van Rooyen), August Welles (without Raz Sayre), Colin Cameron (without Ellie Reagan), Liam Cosgrove (just in the shot), Zach Bresnick (without Maddy Moore) and Courtney Howell (without Charlie Morano).


Raz Sayre struggling with the corsage for his date August Welles.


Ellie Reagan secures her date Colin Cameron's boutineer.


Courtney Howell with Charlie Morano.


Lucy Hackney helping date Eli Hanschka with his boutineer.


Zach Bresnick and Maddy Moore.


Courtney Howell and Charlie Morano.



Eli Hanschka and Lucy Hackney.


From left:Eli Hanschka and Lucy Hackney; Colin Cameron and Ellie Reagan; Jack Yuen and Zana van Rooyen; Raz Sayre and August Welles; Liam Cosgrove and Anna Flaherty; Charlie Morano and Courtney Howell; Zach Bresnick and Maddy Moore.

The team left the Wianno Yacht Club in Osterville shortly after 5:30 pm, heading for Falmouth. They boarded the Patriot about an hour later, arriving in Oak Bluffs just before 7. The sailors quickly disembarked, jumped into a pair of vehicles, and headed for the home of Jack and Lisa Reagan, parents of team co-captain Ellie Reagan.

Upon arriving at the Reagan’s, the girls quickly headed upstairs, while the boys went to the guest house. While the sailors were changing, the non-sailing half of the prom couples posed for photos with stand-in dates.

The boys made good time, wrestling briefly with their bow ties and donning their tuxes in short order. The girls were out of the house fifteen minutes later. With more than two dozen onlookers armed with cameras and cell phones waiting on the back lawn, the prom-goers, now matched with their proper dates, posed for photos and dashed away to Lola’s for the big event.