No escape


To the Editor:

The local Boards of Health made free potassium iodide tablets available to the public at the Town Halls on Friday, May 2. These tablets can protect us from thyroid cancer in case of nuclear radiation exposure and are especially effective for pregnant women and children who are most at risk. This is good.

However, how can we even contemplate such a situation without horror? Radiation exposure would come from an accident at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, just 45 miles north of Vineyard Haven. This is an old plant with a history of multiple problems, shut downs and slow downs in the last year. It is the same design as the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan that even now, three years after a meltdown, is releasing radiation into the air and water.

If there is an accident at Pilgrim, we are not safe from radiation exposure on Martha’s Vineyard. There is no evacuation plan. Our Island would not be habitable. Thyroid cancer is only one of many sicknesses caused by radiation.

We need to do whatever we can to close this facility down. You can write the owner, Entergy ( Write the Nuclear Regulatory Commission:  Allison Macfarlane, Chairman, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Mail Stop O-16G4, Washington DC 20555

Write/call your legislators (Sen. Dan Wolf, Rep. Tim Madden, Rep. Bill Keating) and your governor (Deval Patrick).

For further information about how you can help, contact or call Cynthia Aguilar at 508-693-6078.

Zee Gamson


Jeri Dantzig

Vineyard Haven