Please, please slow down


To the Editor:

I live on Edgartown Road in Vineyard Haven near Skiff Avenue. Many times we have had near misses trying to pull out of our driveway when a driver will decide to drive in the breakdown lane to turn right on Skiff Avenue. It’s frustrating, but we understand that our driveway is blind to most drivers.

But on Monday, May 19, at 5 pm a near miss made my heart stop. A car came within inches of hitting our daughter when she was riding her scooter. Traffic had stopped so we could cross the road in front of our house when the driver of an older model Jeep Cherokee (dark blue/black) decided they couldn’t wait and pulled over to the breakdown lane on the right to pass the stopped cars. Despite the honking of cars, the driver zoomed by, just missing our daughter. Thank goodness she is okay, although unfortunately she now has no desire to walk home from school, ride her bike or her scooter.

I am asking that Vineyard drivers please, please do not pull over to the right to turn onto Skiff Avenue. There are other families that live on this street, bicyclists and dog walkers who use this lane. It would have taken us only 30 seconds to cross Edgartown Road and I ask the driver of that Jeep if they felt it was really worth risking my daughter’s life to save that 30 seconds.

Penny Wong

Vineyard Haven