Support for Lynn Ditchfield, ACE MV


To the Editor:

In the past two years it has been my pleasure to be a student in one of Lynn Ditchfield’s ACE MV courses and to work in collaboration with her and Scarlet and Rex Jarrell of the Yoga Barn in offering a Yoga Teacher Training and a yoga, relaxation, and meditation class at the Yoga Barn through ACE MV.

As my teacher, I found Lynn to be perceptive, engaging, encouraging, and intuitively responsive to each student. By providing a wealth of interesting resource material and leading us in innovative class exercises, she invited me into a deep exploration of the subject matter and myself. In working in collaboration with her to offer courses through ACE MV, Lynn was extremely generous with her time and expertise.

I am grateful to be part of a community that supports the enrichment and cultivation of our human resources as demonstrated by the support ACE MV has received in each of our town meetings this spring. Lynn is masterful at seeking out and supporting the wealth of talent in our unique Island community. ACE MV has grown and flourished through her skill in nurturing potential and bringing people together in creative collaboration. I’m grateful for Lynn’s tireless dedication.

Martha Abbot

Oak Bluffs