Driver plunges off Chappy ferry ramp into Edgartown Harbor

The driver managed to escape from his Toyota pickup truck as it sank in the harbor. Quick action by the assistant harbor master saved the day.

Police and fire rescue personnel converged on the Edgartown side of the Chappy ferry. — Photo by David Welch

The driver of a Toyota pickup truck drove off the Chappaquiddick ferry ramp and into Edgartown harbor just before noon, Monday.

The swift current swept the truck into deeper water as the man crawled out the window. Luckily, assistant Edgartown harbor master Mike Hathaway just happened to be nearby in a patrol boat. Mr. Hathaway plucked the unidentified driver from the water and managed to secure a line to the truck and pull it out of the channel to the Chappy shoreline where it was later winched to dry land.

The driver was transported to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. He was said to be in good condition.

The Chappy ferry was not in the slip at the time of the accident. It appears the truck barreled through a safety chain and a wooden lift gate that prevents entrance to the slip until the ferry operator signals vehicles forward.

There was no additional information about what caused the accident.