Going the extra mile


To the Editor:

The Steamship Authority is often referred to as “the lifeline to the Island.” The night of Wednesday, May 28 they yet again earned that title. The port crew in Woods Hole and the boat crew went well beyond the call of duty to ensure that our trailer, loaded with perishables, destined for deliveries today to the food pantries, schools, restaurants, and stores of Martha’s Vineyard was able to successfully board the evening’s final departure to the Island.

A “perfect storm” of circumstances; a taller than normal trailer, a smaller than normal boat, and a higher than normal tide, made it seem that boarding the boat would be impossible for the tractor and trailer. It was only outside of the box problem solving, combined with a willingness to try something new, and flawless teamwork, that the vehicle was able to board the boat.

The Steamship Authority is often, justly or not, credited as being the source of many headaches. However the reality is that the individuals who make up the staff at the ports and offices, and the crews on the boats, are always willing to go the extra mile when the situation warrants it. That night was just the latest example of them somehow pulling off the impossible. We would like to give a special thank you to Rick Pottle and Captain Dan Dandridge and the rest of the crew on both land and sea. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Adam Bresnick and Shawn Spillane

Island Food Products

Vineyard Haven