Graduation celebrations and travel stories in West Tisbury


The landscape has become overwhelmingly green, seemingly overnight. A much-needed rain brought leaves out and at least a foot of grass. I miss the structure of tree trunks and branches that always intrigues me looking out at our woods. Now it is a heavy mass of green, the early freshness already lost, darkening towards summer.

If you passed Rez Williams’s and Lucy Mitchell’s house the last Saturday in May and wondered about the tent and the cars and the flowers and the guests elegantly dressed on the lawn, it was the wedding day of Anna Christensen and Daniel LaRossa. About 110 guests attended, from as far afield as South Africa. Anna is the daughter of Julia Mitchell and John Christensen. She graduated from Berkeley Law School earlier in May. Her new husband is an architect, working for a San Francisco firm that specializes in library design. Now they are moving to Philadelphia to begin the next chapter of their life together. Wishes for much happiness to you both.

I had a happy visit from Linda Hearn, newly returned from the trip she and her eldest granddaughter, Emily Collins, took to London and Paris. I loved hearing about their adventures and descriptions of London, a city I lived in and loved, and Paris, that I have only dreamed of from paintings and photographs. I had given Linda a list of places before she left. It was fun to hear about her and Emily at the Victoria and Albert Museum, walking through Green Park and Kensington Park, seeing the Queen driving down the Mall on her way to present new banners to her Household Cavalry, the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, and an unexpected sighting of Marilyn and Warren Hollinshead at Heathrow Airport. They had less time in Paris, but filled it as full as possible. Linda said she never walked as much and may never do so again, but they had a wonderful time together. Now I am glad to have my friend returned home.

Ben and Paddy Moore have just come back from Vermont. Ben told me about his visit with his cousin and Yale college roommate, Kim Cheney, and his wife Barbara. Paddy was off part of the time teaching Mediation and Negotiation, part of a course on Conflict Transformation Across Cultures at World Learning in Brattleboro. She rejoined Ben in time for both of them to meet Ben’s new namesake, Ben Cheney.

Happy Birthday wishes to Bea Amaral, who turns 89 this Saturday, June 14. Ms. Amaral is a marvel of energy and many capabilities; she still runs Bea’s Fabric Shop, works at our town elections, travels, keeps up with friends and family. Enjoy your day.

Bill Haynes has a birthday on the same day. I always remember Flag Day, June 14. Happy Birthday, Bill.

One more birthday that is special to me. My dear Leslie Baker, friend and art-adventurer, celebrates her day on June 17. Plans for a day painting together somewhere beautiful and lobster rolls for lunch.

If you are reading this in time, two events today at the West Tisbury Library. The children’s storytime at 10:30 is all about strawberries. Nicole Cabot will read and sing songs and make a strawberry treat. At 5 o’clock, come to hear Susie Middleton talk about her life at Green Island Farm. She will demonstrate a special recipe or two from her latest book, “Fresh From the Farm.”

The library’s Saturday craft will be clothespin magnets. Materials are out all day, so drop in and make a gift for Father’s Day, or for yourself.

Poet Jill Jupen’s two-session workshop, The Sight and Sound of Line Breaks, will meet on Tuesday, June 17, and Thursday, June 19, 3–5 pm at the library. Register at the circulation desk for one or both days.

Paul Karasik will be teaching two graphic novel workshops this summer in Vermont, “perfect for aspiring cartoonists looking for a jumpstart,” as he describes them. Look on his website: At home, Paul is working on his next op-ed page cartoon for the Vineyard Gazette. Ruth Kirchmeier told me that he asked to accompany Nelson and Jeff Bryant on a fishing expedition, thinking it would make a good subject. They went Saturday evening, didn’t catch anything, but had a good time, and Paul gathered his required images and information. Now to translate it into a work of art.

Sam Hiser will be guest curator for an exhibition of black and white photography at Featherstone beginning June 22. Photographers are invited to submit up to three images.

You may have noticed new plantings at the triangle at the foot of Brandy Brow. The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club has begun the project as a thank-you gift to the town for preservation money for a new roof on the Old Mill. Garden Club President Maryann Doleszar said they have plans for more to come. The Garden Club will host their first yard sale at the Old Mill this Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm.

ACE MV has posted a three-part video, “How to Prevent, Recognize, Diagnose, and Treat Tick-Borne Illnesses” on their website homepage, You may also find it on MVTV.

Our golden retriever, Nanuk, is testing the limits of Paw-Proof screens on our doors. Mike returned home one afternoon to find Nan out in the yard and our screen door with an empty bottom half. This is the third or fourth screen she had gone through. I wonder if we should notify the makers of Paw-Proof? Maybe Nan could make our fortune as a screen tester.