Oak Bluffs wishes all a happy Father’s Day


What a busy and event-filled time was last week.  All the activities for the seniors graduating from MVRHS were blessed with absolutely beautiful perfect weather. Thursday night was Honors Night; the Senior Brunch on Friday was followed by Class Night. This all led to the climax of Graduation Sunday afternoon at the Tabernacle in the Campground.

It has been a few years since I had attended graduation ceremonies and I was most impressed with the demeanor of students and the audience members alike. Thankfully absent were the loud hoots and derogatory noises of the past. The students’ speeches were calm, deliberate, and injected with just the right amount of humor to keep our attention. It was so obvious how much the teachers and students respected and truly cared for each other. Lots of love among everyone there.

Don’t forget to fly our flag proudly this Saturday, June 14, to celebrate Flag Day!

Summer is really getting into full swing as the Harbor Fest will be happening on Saturday, June 21. Don’t miss this really fun time where you will be able to walk along the bulkhead of Oak Bluffs harbor and view a kaleidoscope of merchants hawking their wares along the entire stretch of water. An unbelievable variety and amount of merchandise will be displayed.

If you are looking for a somewhat quieter form of entertainment, just head to the Oak Bluffs Library and partake of their interesting variety of programs. Friday, June 13, at 3:30 pm. There will be a Superhero Dad Craft for Kids where everyone can make a Fathers Day gift for your dad. Bring a photo of Dad. This is for children of all ages. Bonnie Stacy will present an author’s talk on Thursday, June 19, 6 pm. Bonnie and M.V. Museum teamed up on M.V. history to provide this program

Back by popular demand: Tom Dresser, Herb Foster, and Jay Schofield discuss their new book on Wednesday, June 25, at 10:30 am.

With the arrival of summer and the warm weather comes the Museum’s annual Opening Party. In addition to opening the 18th century Cooke House for the season, the Museum will be showcasing a Charles W. Morgan exhibit as well as select photographs used in the book “Martha’s Vineyard,” recently published by the Museum’s Chief Curator Bonnie Stacy.

We send birthday smiles to Mary Anne Alwardt on June 13, Jaime Young Kendell and Gerry Moriarity on the 14th, Dave DeBetttencourt on the 16th, and Jane Maseda, Tony Lima, Sharon Mello, and Ann Merrett on the 19th.

He was born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 1906, the oldest of nine children. He worked for four years before he entered UNH. There he continued to work in the University agriculture school before classes, starting in the morning and then after classes in the afternoon, so he could afford to stay. After graduation in 1931 he was offered a job on Martha’s Vineyard and after a while, he was able to bring his wife, whom he had met at college, to join him in living here too. They raised three daughters and he worked hard but managed to teach them respect, tolerance, and patience as he practiced it throughout his life. One of the original environmentalists, he passed this and a love of reading and music and an honest work ethic along to his children. He became a caregiver to his children during the winter months, when his position as caretaker to a large estate in West Chop was not so demanding. When his wife was diagnosed with ALS, he alone took care of her at home throughout her illness. He lived 13 more years, dying just two months before his 93rd birthday. The greatest gift he gave his daughters was the love he always had for his wife. Not a day goes by, Dad, that I don’t think of you or appreciate the many things you taught me by your example. This Fathers Day, even after 17 years, I still miss you and find myself wanting to share moments of my life with you.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers who share their children’s lives.