June 4, Susan G. Howe, Edith S. Howe, Nathaniel S. Howe Jr., Robin Howe, Nancy F. Howe, as trustee of Ralph S. Howe Jr. Revocable Trust Agreement, and Elizabeth Bradley, Executrix under the Will of Ralph S. Howe, Jr., sold 4 South Abels Hill Rd. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of 4 South Abels Hill Road Nominee Trust for $1,500,000.


June 3, Joseph A. Sullivan, Jr. sold 4 Eagles Nest to Lauren Major and Christian Averill for $318,676.

June 5, Cooke Street Realty LLC sold 6 Huckleberry Hill Lane to Michael F. Torcia for $250,000.

June 5, Varian H. Cassat sold 38 Old Indian Trail and a lot on Old Indian Trail to Stephen C. Olsson for $567,500.

June 6, Patrick S. and Alexandra E.M. Turner sold 27 Slough Cove Rd. to Thomas B. Rosedale for $834,000.

Oak Bluffs

June 2, Vineyard House Inc. sold 106 Eastville Ave. to Zachary Charter for $450,000.

June 6, Robert H. Lynn, Jr. sold 8 Laura’s Way to Richard D. and Elizabeth A. Getz for $124,000.

Stanley Siede sold 7 Wheelhouse Way to Jan Hulka for 426,200.

West Tisbury

June 4, Margaret Hawes Stapleton sold 79 Great Plains Rd. to Petr Valach and Sidaruk Volha for $397,000.