Touched our lives


To  the Editor:

Last Tuesday night Windemere was so fortunate to have the young men from Station Menemsha come down Island and join us for dinner and dancing (June 5, “Coast Guard boogie, woogie at Windemere”).

The ladies were thrilled when the young men in uniform sat down beside them for dinner. They enjoyed the meal and the conversation, but mostly it was just their company that made them smile.

As the music from WW II began, it transported the ladies back to the days when their husbands returned from the war. The Coast Guard men asked the women to dance and joy filled the room. I have never seen the residents so happy as I have on Tuesday night.

The music and dancing lasted for over an hour. When it was over, our one male resident who was in attendance had something to say.  What he said brought tears as well as smiles.

“Thank you for coming and spending time with us tonight. We are very grateful. When you look back on this evening, it may not mean an awful lot to you, but to us it meant a great deal. You have showed us how much you care.

“You are a credit to the military, to your country and most of all to your parents. You are a wonderful example for other young men and women to follow. You have shown respect and compassion for your elders. We appreciate very much that you took the time out of your busy lives to come and spend the evening with us. Please come back again. Thank you.”

I cannot express our gratitude more eloquently. We thank the men from the Coast Guard for coming to Windemere. You have touched our lives and will always be remembered fondly by the residents with whom you shared that evening.


Betsy Burmeister

Recreation Director

Windemere Nursing and Rehab Center

Oak Bluffs