Tisbury sends congratulations to Tad Gold


Congratulations to our very own Tad Gold! How wonderful is that news. First, we’ve had the pleasure of watching him play for the Sharks for the past three years, the only Islander on the team. And now – he has been drafted by the Baltimore Orioles. What a guy. We do wish him the best.

Dare I admit that at my first baseball game at Fenway 30 years ago, the Red Sox were playing the Orioles. I had two young guests from England at their first baseball game — and my son to explain what was happening. My problem was that I had just moved to the Island from Maryland where I had been an Orioles fan and a veteran of many trips to their old ball park.

So we now settled in at Fenway, and I happily began cheering for whichever team was up at bat. After a few innings an inebriated Boston fan stood up and yelled a series of foul epithets while sputtering, “Make up your mind, lady.”

So I’ve never been back to Fenway. But I can tell you that the young player joining the Orioles will face a wonderful group of fans who have always been more courteous than many of those in Boston.

The lovely birds have always pleased us as they enjoyed the pan of water we keep filled for them in the summer. Not this year, though. The warnings of a new virus carried by mosquitoes has finally made us empty every possible source of standing water we can find.

Are you looking for a wonderful camp experience for the kids? Check out the activities available at Felix Neck.

Thanks to the Tisbury DPW for a grand display of flags on Flag Day all along Main Street and this year on both sides of the road. It was a lovely sight.

Now if we could only discourage our visitors from riding their bicycles the wrong way down Main Street. If they insist on doing that, we should be more careful to enforce the law requiring helmets.

Last weekend was a good time to check out yard sales. After a brief shower Saturday we set off for a pleasant trip across the Island to wander through others’ memories and discards.

I really love boxes, of all kinds and shapes, so it was no surprise that I ended up with some from the sale to benefit the MV Garden Club. One box was a puzzle no one there knew how to open. To my delight I figured out how to open it but then was stymied. It opened to a keyhole — but no key had come with the box. My husband is now fascinated with that problem.

School will soon be out. It is up to us to keep alert for little ones distracted by bikes and balls.

How are you set for books for the beach? This Saturday is the Mini Book Sale from 2 to 4 pm at the Vineyard Haven Library. Do you do want help with e-books and audio books? Call 508-696-4210 to get an appointment on Saturday mornings to learn more.

Even if you have seen this, I can tell you that “House of Bones” is worth another look. Tuesday evening at 7 pm the library will screen Victoria Campbell’s documentary about a family preparing for the sale of a generational home on Martha’s Vineyard. A special feature is the old grainy 16 mm footage woven into new films and home movies.

Then at the library on Wednesday at 7 pm Phil Weinstein presents short stories from James Joyce’s works. Weinstein is a professor of literature at Swarthmore College. He suggests these stories are so quiet and constrained that you may wonder what is going on. He will tell you more in his brief lecture about the man and his stories. And then if you are interested, he may offer a longer course on James Joyce.

Be sure to look for the whaling ship Charles W. Morgan in our harbor this weekend. Did you know that most of her original sailors came from our island? Take advantage of a special opportunity for all of us.

Don’t forget: The Grace Church lobster rolls are served every Friday all summer from 4 to 7:30 pm, now $17. For info and orders, call 508 693-0332

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Shauna Nute. Tomorrow wish the best to Laura Kimball. Happy birthday on Monday to Sumner Grover. Lots of birthday wishes will be in the air for celebrations on Wednesday with Carly Simon, Jack O’Callaghan, and Margo Ortiz.

Heard on Main Street: Drive as if your kids live here.