Upset and surprised


To the Editor:

As one who pays over $8,000 in taxes to Oak Bluffs, I was upset to learn the selectmen and selectwoman had spent $1,500 of our tax dollars to hire a certified public accountant, not from Oak Bluffs, or even Martha’s Vineyard, to learn that the director of the Council on Aging had not deposited all money received by the council in the town’s treasury .

If the director had been asked, and there is no mention in newspapers that he was, he would have admitted he did not.

I am surprised the experienced selectman Walter Vail, the only selectman who wants to eliminate the position of director, would sign a $1,5000 contract that was never put out out to bid, a management procedure required of towns, cities, and the state.

Joseph Sequeira Vera

Oak Bluffs