A flawed process


To the Editor:

The Times seems stuck back in 2006. That is the year the Italians won the World Cup and George Bush was still president and Barry Bonds broke Ruth’s all-time home run record and the Wii was introduced by Nintendo and the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was released and Cold Play was big on the charts and reality TV was hitting its stride. And, ah yes, the County Commissioners were in litigation with the Airport Commissioners. We are reminded almost weekly by the Times of this fact. A fact that holds no bearing or basis for comparison with current issues even though they would have you think so by repeating the 2006 story over and over again, in story after story, and editorials as well. If they would only step away from watching 24 and really look at what has happened in 2014 it might be enlightening for them. They would see that the current issues are about a flawed process and an Airport Commission that did not know how to fairly deal with a serious personnel matter. They would also see that the behavior at those board meetings was embarrassing to watch and witness a lack of stable leadership. And no, those rascals the County Commissioners are not trying to take the airport’s revenue as has been speciously implied by our beloved Times. They just want to see the right process adhered to and know that the airport is being safely run. The County is not the entity that spent $154,000 in legal bills this year. In case you forgot, the Red Sox finished in 3rd place, 11 games back, in 2006!

Tristan Israel

County Commissioner


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