Week Two: Isaiah Maynard’s Cross Country Ride

I went canoeing on Lake McDonald, in Glacier National Park today! It was beautiful. This park is magical. — Photo courtesy of Isaiah Maynard


The week began in Republic, Washington, after a day of rest in a motel. I ended the week where I am now (Monday, June 30) in West Glacier National Park, Montana.

Since leaving Republic, I rode through through Colville and Ione, Wash., Sandpoint, Idaho, and Kalispell and West Glacier National Park, Montana.

The highlight(s) of the week: crossing borders, and making genuine progress. Also, getting to the summit of Sherman Pass (on the way to Colville) was a huge moment for me. Sherman pass is the highest pass in Washington, at 5,575 feet. It was also the last one I had to bike, for the whole trip!

Another huge highlight was being able to make it to Glacier. I love this place, it is amazing.

The landscape hasn’t changed much at all, yet. On Tuesday (July 1) I am going to ride out of the  park, out of the mountains, and ultimately drop around 4,000 feet onto the plains. That will be some serious scenery change.

My best meal was dinner last night at the West Glacier Restaurant. It was vegetable Alfredo pasta (normal pasta, and spinach pasta noodles) with garlic bread. Man oh man…. It was bigger than my head, I couldn’t even finish it! I also enjoyed about — oh, I don’t know — eight glasses of water with it.

I am hearing from a few people on the Island. I speak to my Dad about every day, and same with my girlfriend, Julia. I spoke to my twin sister for the first time since I left Martha’s Vineyard when I arrived in Idaho. Also, I have a facebook page which is heavily rooted in the Island community, and I update that every day. People from all over flood it with inspiring messages and heartwarming thoughts. It is really neat.

I bump into people all over who see my bike and bags and ask where I am headed. Most people are astounded, “All the way to Massachusetts?!” It is pretty fun to tell people. I even bumped into two people, Jay and Molly, a father and daughter duo, who I rode with from Republic to Sandpoint. It was great to have company, and they were very interesting and smart people. They even offered me a motel room floor in Ione. I happily accepted, and countered with stealthily buying them dinner.

I wish I had packed less, that’s the only thing I wish I packed!

The thing is, I have a lot of stuff, but I’ve been using it all, and can’t really let go of it. I was smart with my packing, even though it is a lot of stuff.