Painted rocks, painting classes in Tisbury


My email address has changed. You can reach me now at tashmoorock@gmail. Our oldest granddaughter Rory Mayhew painted a special rock for me and a photo may appear with this column.

Hurricane Andrew rudely interrupted our Fourth but gave us a hot and windy beach day preceding it, as well as a great storm in celebration of the Fourth. The storm took the heavy humidity with it as it swept up the coast to Newfoundland. Grace Church lobster rolls were in demand despite the heavy winds and rain. My daughter-in-law was pleased that she did not have to choose between the parade and the lobster rolls.

We know the firemen love a parade and making lots of noise. And we love to see them and hear them in parades — most of the time. Whoever decided to put the sirens all together at the end of the Edgartown parade was not thinking. As the firemen waited for earlier groups to perform at the reviewing stand, the trucks were parked all together and each tried to make more noise than the next one. After a few minutes, everyone was covering his ears and wishing the firemen could move on.

A big prize should have been given to Alden Besse for cycling his recumbent the whole route.

After two weeks the Camp Nana has closed for rest and recuperation with plans to reopen later this summer. It was great fun though I have been to too many beaches on the Island and waded through too much sand. Now I have to try to get some of that sand out of my car.

This Saturday is the annual meeting of the Lagoon Pond Association at the Sailing Camp Park from 10 am to noon with refreshments available from 9:45. Michael Loberg will discuss new fertilizer regulations. Selectman Melinda Loberg will talk about the new Lagoon bridge under construction. Vineyard Haven harbormaster Jay Wilbur is ready for questions about harbor management and Tisbury Shellfish Constable Danielle Ewart will answer questions about the recent scallop harvest. Rick Karney from the Martha’s Vineyard Shellfish Group wants to tell you about several exciting projects to begin soon in the Lagoon. Everyone is invited to attend. You need not be an LPA member.

The Vineyard Haven Library has books for the beach. Some visitors took hardcover library books to the beach although Islanders would never do such a thing. Those library books ended up full of sand, many needing new covers. The library now features paperback beach books. You can return that paperback or replace it with a new one. If these paperback books are damaged by sand or water, they can be easily and more cheaply replaced.

On Tuesday morning storytimes starts early reading by getting your kids singing and moving with Joyce Maxner. At 4 pm next Thursday kids 5 and up enjoy Creative Drama with Phyllis Vecchia, a perfect activity for all kids ready to ham it up. Space is limited — first come,  first served.

Hear about “Bloodlines” and meet its author, Neville Frankel, at the Vineyard Haven Library on Tuesday at 7 pm. The tragic novel is about impossible lives in an unimaginable place. The author immigrated from Johannesburg with his family when he was 14 and did not return until he was nearly 50. In several more visits he discovered the bloody truths of apartheid. When he first left South Africa, it was a place where blacks could not live in the same house as whites and could be imprisoned for simply being seen together.

The book is a love story of a South African white woman, married to an American who falls in love with a South African Zulu man.

As she learns Zulu traditions she finds their beliefs and practices compare easily with her experience of Jewish traditions. She is imprisoned and “disappeared” in South Africa, later escaping from prison with her western black lover to live in the Zulu tribal areas. Both worked with the ANC which increased the dangers of being seen together in that world.

The Tisbury Senior Center is offering an acrylic painting class with Sally Flood, for the last four Thursdays in July, starting today. The class meets at 1 pm and materials are provided. There is no cost. Just plan to have fun with paints. All levels of experience are welcome, even if you missed a class. If you’re a novice, Sally will guide you to loading your brush with paint, stroke effects, and color choices. Additionally, items from her personal collection such as wooden trays, sign boards, and such can be purchased for a few dollars. She has a variety of reference material for ideas. Sally is a retired teacher and her work can be seen in summer at various island art venues.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out today to Laura Christina Jahn and Betty Jette. Saturday belongs to Betsey Mayhew. Best wishes on Sunday to Nevenka Daniels. Happy birthday to Cord Bailey and Michele Jones on Monday. Wish the best on Tuesday to Jocelyn Ciancio Broadley. More balloon greeting wishes go out to Jim Richardson on Wednesday.

Heard on Main Street: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a flat tire.