They work to protect us


To the Editor:

I want to thank the town of Edgartown for another fun 4th of July parade and fireworks.

I further want to give a special thanks to our local and State Police, and also our EMTs.

I arrived about 45 minutes early this year for the parade, and watched the police from every town and State Police patrolling and getting everything in order for the parade to happen.  Then throughout the evening, between the parade and the fireworks, the police did a great job in directing pedestrians and motorists around. Great job! I actually stopped to thank a few of them for all they do for us.

I was in Boston this past fall for the Red Sox celebration and again for the Boston Marathon.  Again, I never felt so safe. The police guided us where to go, etc.

They are there for us as well as the EMTs. I’m sure most would like to have the day to party but they work to protect us.

Roger Maxfield