Dog days touch down in Edgartown


The dog days are upon us, and Triangle traffic is a nightmare. I shudder to think what my mostly abandoned PO box looks like right now, and I’m pretty sure it has been at least two weeks since I’ve driven through Vineyard Haven. Luckily I’ve been making it from my summer bunker to the beach quite regularly this year.

This week, we made it out to Norton with the Monday Funday crew, which is composed primarily of friends who work in the restaurant industry who of course do not get weekends off. It was a bit cloudy, but we didn’t let that ruin our fun. On hand for some beach games and tasty treats were the LeBlondes, the newly minted Moores, Amelia, Kris, Nate and Harriet, Casey O’Connor, and birthday boy Seth Cohen.

The party continued with dinner at the Port Hunter, which if you haven’t tried yet, you are sorely missing. The food there is insanely good, particularly the fish specials, which are fresh caught and creatively prepared each day. Anyway, excuse the unsolicited endorsement, but I really can’t get enough of that place.

Reunions abounded this past weekend. Katie and Marylee Eith arrived to visit with their Rankow cousins in what has now notoriously been dubbed the annual “Cousins’ Weekend.” Meanwhile across town, the Meinhart clan was together again en masse. Whoever organizes this annual throwdown, managing to get dozens of family members from all over the country in the same place at the same time each year, deserves a medal.

I chased the niece and nephew around the Generations Picnic on the lawn of the Doctor Daniel Fisher House last Friday. What an event that was! From the bouncy castle to the climbing wall to the dance floor, it was enough to make a little kid’s head spin. I spent much of the time standing in the middle of the grounds fielding parents questions of “Have you seen (insert child’s name here),” as sugar-addled children zoomed past. Fun was most assuredly had by all.

It is Possible Dreams time again. The annual event will take place this Sunday, July 27, at the Winnetu. The Possible Dreams Auction is held as a benefit for Martha’s Vineyard Community Services. The idea for an “unbuyable opportunities” auction was brought to Community Services by Sandy Ray, then chair of the Fund Raising Committee. The Possible Dreams Auction is one of the oldest, most enduring celebrity concept auctions and in its first 31 years, the Auction Committee has raised over $8 million dollars in support of unfunded care provided by the five programs of Martha’s Vineyard Community Services (CONNECT to end violence, Early Childhood Programs, Island Counseling Center, Disability Services, and the Thrift Shop). For more info, visit

Ladybug Girl is coming to the Edgartown Library for the Noon on the Lawn Series, August 1st. Grab the kids, pack a picnic, and go meet Ladybug Girl while you hear her stories read. For more info, call 508-627-4221.

Island Autism Group is hosting their 8th annual fundraiser Wednesday, July 30, from 3 to 5 pm at The Doctor Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown. Admission is free. Donations are welcome. There will be a raffle auction as well as light refreshments served. For further information, contact Marcy Bettencourt at 508-693-2106.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Ryan Murtha, Ken Magnuson, and Hana Moriarty, who celebrate July 25; to Jamie Ann Greene, July 26; to Steve Aben and Adam and Alex Elias, July 27; to Andy Smith and Vera Dello Russo, July 28; and to Lauren Major, July 29. Have a good one, folks!