Driver cited in three-vehicle accident Friday near state forest

Barbara Schoeneburg of Laughlin, Nevada, pulled out into oncoming traffic in her black Ford Ranger pickup truck near the Manuel Correllus State Forest deer check station, police said. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Edgartown police cited a Nevada woman for causing a three-vehicle accident on Barnes Road in Edgartown that injured four people. Edgartown and Oak Bluffs police and ambulance personnel responded about 9 am, Friday morning, July 18.

Barbara Schoeneburg, 83, of Laughlin, Nevada, attempted to pull her black Ford Ranger pickup truck onto Barnes Road from Sanderson Road, near the Manuel Correllus State Forest deer weighing station, according to the police report. She collided with a flatbed delivery truck driven by James Brown, 59, of Brewster, traveling toward Oak Bluffs.

Mr. Brown said he had no time to avoid the collision, but tried to steer into the opposite lane. His vehicle then sideswiped a tan Chevrolet Suburban in the oncoming lane.

The Suburban, driven by Aimee Driscoll, 44, of Milton, left the roadway and came to rest against a tree. Ms. Driscoll was carrying five juvenile passengers.

Ms. Schoeneburg, Ms. Driscoll, and two of her young passengers were transported to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, all with low priority injuries.

There was heavy damage to the Chevrolet Suburban and the Ford Ranger. Both were towed from the scene.

Police cited Ms. Schoenburg for failure to yield to oncoming traffic, which directly caused the collision, according to the police report.