Safe for all


To the Editor:

I read the Letter to the Editor (July 17, “Lucky to be alive”) about the woman’s experience with her motorized scooter and was happy she was not hurt. I agree that the them vs. us attitude by some is very unwarranted. Many seasonal residents and vacationers support the Island economy and provide many with cash reserves during the winter when jobs and customers are limited. Summer residents also pay taxes on the Vineyard.

I can understand frustration with moped users who do not follow the rule of stay to the side of the road. I have also experienced such frustration, but my observation has been that most drivers are patient. Those who rent mopeds should verbally stress moped safety and good road manners to moped renters.

Another solution might be for the towns of Tisbury and West Tisbury to pay property owners for a small strip of land on state road to make a larger bike area so bikers, walkers, or moped riders are not in the road, especially along State Road. Or, owners could donate a small portion of land which probably could be a tax deduction. There are many curves on this road that are not the safest for riders. If State Road is part of the state system then Martha’s Vineyard supported by accident statistics needs to push the state to do the path. The path along Edgartown-Vineyard Haven road works well and is safe for all.

Doris Howe

West Tisbury