Seasons turns over a new leaf

Seasons on Circuit Avenue, Oak Bluffs, has been vacant for several seasons. — Nate Horwitz

Seasons, the long dormant restaurant/bar located in the heart of Circuit Avenue, is showing signs of new life. Construction crews have begun work to remove the restaurant and bar equipment and to gut the interior of the 3,000 square foot structure. Bob Murphy, proprietor of Towne and Country real estate and co-owner of the building with James Ryan, his partner in AMR Vineyard Inc., said plans for the new use of the building are still evolving. “It will not be a restaurant or a bar, those two are out,” Mr. Murphy said in a phone conversation with The Times Tuesday. “We decided to keep things simple.”

Mr. Murphy said the newly renovated building will most likely be leased to one or several retail businesses, but plans are in the very early stages and they remain fluid.
“We’re taking the time to think it through. It’s too early to know what can go in there and what will work best until the space is cleared out,” he said. “It’s such a commanding location. We’ve been deluged with offers over the years. We’ve heard a lot of great ideas. Some people wanted half the space, some people wanted a third. We’ll see.”

Mr. Murphy said that no exterior work will be done until the downtown building moratorium ends on September 15. He expects the renovation to take three to four months. Oak Bluffs architect Chuck Sullivan, who collaborated with Mr. Murphy and Mr. Ryan on the Lookout restaurant, will design the yet to be named business.