Running hot at the Chilmark 5K Road Race

David Melly and Sheridan Wilbur each won a five-pound lobster.

Winners David Melly. 21, of Newton and Sheridan Wilbur, 17. of North Smithfield, RI. — John Zarba

Winners David Melly, 21, of Newton and Sheridan Wilbur, 17, of North Smithfield, RI seemed hardly winded. Photo by John Zarba.


By feet or by wheels, 1,600 racers crossed the finish line on Saturday. Photo by John Zarba.


Chilmark Road Race winner David Melly enjoyed a scenic backdrop as he ran to the 5K finish line. Photo by John Zarba.


Ben Bosworth, center, keeps pace with eventual winner David Melly (left) at the halfway point of the race. Photo by John Zarba.


It was a crowded field at the start of the Chilmark Road Race Saturday morning. Photo by John Zarba.


Hugh Wiseman, longtime race organizer, put the finishing touches on the finish line. Photo by John Zarba.


Amelia and Tobias Russell Schaefer, of Edgartown, pose for a quick photo before the race begins. Photo by John Zarba.


From left, Isabelle Hoch, Emma Corcoran , Tess Pellegrini and Isabelle Washkurak man the water station near the starting line. Photo by John Zarba.


Sunny skies graced Saturday's 37th annual Chilmark Road Race. Photo by John Zarba.


Boys 9-11 winner, nine year old Jack Lionette of Chilmark, at the finish. Photo by John Zarba.

More than 1,600 runners lined up on Middle Road in Chilmark at 10:30 am, Saturday morning for the 37th annual Chilmark Road Race. The ritualistic clapping at the starting line united runners in high adrenaline and high spirits, while the sun rose higher in the sky, transforming a chilly morning into a hot but beautiful day for a race.

The notoriously hilly section of Middle Road — heading up-Island from near Mermaid Farm toward Beetlebung Corner — makes for a difficult 5K, but runners are always encouraged by friendly faces on the sidelines, and sweeping views of the south shore.

This year’s winners in the were David Melly, 21, of Newton, a two-time winner, and Sheridan Wilbur, 17, of North Smithfield, RI.  Each first place finisher claimed the prize of a five pound lobster from Larsen’s. Mr. Melly finished at 15:43, followed by Ben Bosworth of Dorchester, MA in second place and Hugh Parker of New York in third. Ms. Wilbur came in at 18:26, with Kara Leonard of Providence, RI and Anne Preisig of Falmouth taking second and third in the ladies division.

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