Menemsha Fish Market will free 40 lobsters


Menemsha Beach at sunset is a popular tourist destination. This Friday, sunset will share the stage with lobsters. Stanley Larsen, owner of Menemsha Fish Market on the dock, plans to release approximately 40 female lobsters on the beach at sunset.

Mr. Larsen said the lobsters will have a V-notch in their tales, an indication that they are females and may not therefore be kept should they make their way back to a trap.

In general, only egg-bearing female lobsters must be notched and returned. He said the idea is to help the resource by putting females back into the system, and many of the lobsters were donated by local fishermen who share his conservation ethic. Not to worry, though: Mr. Larsen said he will still have plenty of lobsters in his tanks to satisfy customer demand. For more information, call 508-645-2282.