Oak Bluffs: Tomato Time


One of the things I look forward to in the summer are real tomatoes. The gardens are suddenly filling up and overflowing with those fragrant, delicious fruits. No more, at least for a while, of tomatoes that do not smell, taste, or seem like the real thing.  Now we must scramble for different ways to cook and preserve them for future enjoyment. I am starting to realize why it takes me so long to complete routine matters. As I pass the kitchen windows, I am distracted by the birds and their antics at the feeders and before I realize it I have been watching for some time.  Heading to the bedroom, the window flower boxes in those windows are now drawing me closer, first just to admire the flowers and then observing the busy bees as they float from blossom to blossom in search of pollen. Some are already so heavily laden with pollen that as they alight on flowers, the stems bend downward from their weight. How fascinating it is to watch their work until I am jolted into the reality that perhaps it is time for me to imitate them and also be busy as a bee!

Can it possibly be that summer is winding down?  This week has brought us the Grand Illumination, the Agricultural Fair beckons us to West Tisbury, starting today and running until Sunday evening, and of course our Town’s own grand finale, the Fireworks show in Ocean Park Friday night.

Be prepared for parking restrictions, re-routing of traffic and altered bus schedules. But the resulting show of fireworks is worth the temporary inconvenience and is enjoyed by thousands of all ages.

This time of year also brings the exodus of not only our summer guests but also students returning to their studies at off-Island institutions. Among those entering college for their first year are Katherine deBettencourt, the daughter of Michael and Erin deBettencourt, who has chosen to continue her education in Florida where the weather is a bit warmer in the winter than here on the Island. Katherine will also be able to continue playing  golf, a sport which she excelled at as a member of the MVRHS golf team. Mary Alley will take her son and my grandson, Jeremy Alley-Tarter, to  Assumption College in Worcester this week, where he will be busy with his environmental science studies and track activities.

As these students head off Island for future adventures, there are enough activities here to keep our heads spinning.  The Sullivan 5K Run/Walk event for the whole family takes place this Saturday around East Chop.  For info, log ontomvhospital.com/runwalk.

Oak Bluffs School students can access the Oak Bluffs School web site for a list of supplies you will need to start school in September, and more helpful info.

The Oak Bluffs Library will host an author’s visit on Wednesday, August 27 at 4 pm. Author Amelie Loyot will discuss her book, “Vanessa: The Sea Serpent of Martha’s Vineyard.”  This program is for all ages and is a free event.

Although he had an interruption to his vacation to head back to Washington, D.C., for a few days this week, we do hope that President Obama and his family were able to enjoy vacationing on the Island. It didn’t seem to me that down-Island traffic was impacted by his visit much more than it is on an ordinary summer day. But as for up Island, that is probably a different story. Hopefully, for a few hours at least, he found some peace away from stress and criticism.

We send birthday smiles Tony Ratcliff today, Ginny Hall, Leon Holt and Erin deBettencourt share the 3rd, Christine Anthony on the 24th, Ken Rusczyk on the 26th, Erika Bettencourt on the 27th, grandson Chris Alley and the brothers Marchand Andrew and Matthew on the 28th.

Enjoy your week. Peace.