Vineyard Kids make things happen at Fenway

Kids participating in the 2nd Annual Dynomite Softball Clinic made the Jumbotron during their group adventure to Fenway Park. — Photo courtesy of Tim Goodman

On Sunday, August 17th, 24 kids who’d participated in the second annual  Vineyard Dynamite Softball Clinic attended a Red Sox game at Fenway Park.

Tim Goodman, who hosts the clinic with Laurie Turney, wrote to us about this photograph, “The Sox were losing 7 to 1 in the fifth inning. The kids decided their quest was to cheer and make enough noise so they’d make it on the Jumbotron [monitor overlooking the park]. After four more innings of serious cheering, lo and behold in the middle of the ninth inning, they made it! The joy is obvious…”

Mr. Goodman reported that despite their efforts, and their 15 seconds of fame, the kids were unable to sway the fortunes of the struggling Sox, who went on to lose to the Houston Astros 8-1.

The Vineyard Dynamite Softball Clinic was started by Mr. Goodman and Ms. Turney last year to revive enthusiasm for softball on the Island and has been credited with dramatically increasing registration for high school varsity and Babe Ruth teams this past spring.

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