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Bravehearts defeat Sharks to claim 2014 FCBL title

The Worcester Bravehearts defeated the Martha’s Vineyard Shark, 1-0, to claim the 2014 FCBL championship last Thursday. In a game where the number of...

Ag Fair Schedule of Events

Where to go and what to see at the 153 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Fair.

Power museum is a fairgrounds treasure

With the noise and glitter of the carnival, the color and chaos of the Hall, exciting competitions, demos, delectable food and upbeat music, Fairgoers...

Fair is perfect blend of old and new

“Very little has changed,” longtime Fair manager Eleanor Neubert said about this year’s highlights. “We’re keeping it the old-fashioned traditional country fair.”But although much...

The Fair is a family affair

Families participate in the Fair in different ways, passing on their enthusiasm from one generation to the next.Children almost universally enjoy the rides. And...

Fair poster remembers a well-loved horse

The story of this year’s Fair poster begins with good neighbors, an artist, and a horseman; a painting set aside and forgotten; and a kind gift at a time of loss. But really, it starts with a horse, and Bruce Marshard who saved him from slaughter at a Saskatchewan meat packing plant in 2000.

20 years later, the new fairgrounds feel like home

This week’s Ag Fair marks the 20th anniversary of the once brand-new Panhandle Road fairgrounds in West Tisbury. Enough time has gone by that...

Filmmaker, fishermen, and scientist team would create marine sanctuaries

A documentary film released this month makes the case that urgent action is needed to restore the health of the oceans, and one step may be to close some areas to fishing.

Benny is coming back

Benny and I fished before work. He would go to his shop and I would go to school,' Mr. Jerome, said. 'I caught some nice fish, 34-pound stripers fishing with Ed,' Mr. Mancinone said. 'But 11 years fishing the Derby, I never got a bite, not even a bite. My wife was starting to wonder if I was really fishing.

Vineyard Golf Club Foundation hits a hole in one

The Vineyard Golf Club, an exclusive 18-hole golf club off Edgartown-West Tisbury Road, has quietly become a friend to the Island community in 13...

Mama’s Girls win women’s softball championship

Defeat reigning champion Snaps in two games

Parking, security tight for Oak Bluffs fireworks Friday

Oak Bluffs Police plan to tighten security for the Ocean Park fireworks this Friday. Added measures will include limited access points, searches of backpacks,...

The Illumination was Grand

Last night, thousands of locals and visitors swarmed into the Campground and walked the curlicue streets and paths emanating from the Tabernacle. As they...