Edgartown: Stormy seas


Wow, that storm last weekend was something else! We had some big branches down around the yard, one of which crashed into our garbage bin so loudly, we jumped out of bed. We were relieved to see the house and car intact, but that garbage bin will not make it through many more of these storms.

Some folks with off-Island plans this weekend found themselves stuck — for better or worse. Donna Goodale’s plans to see the Dalai Lama speak were sadly scrapped, while Alyssa Starzyk’s intention to put in a work day on Nantucket, I’m guessing she wasn’t too disappointed to miss.

The proud, the few, the Patriots fans were not to be outdone by some silly storm. Many made plans to spend the entire weekend off Island to avoid any Steamship-related SNAFUs. Others could very well have surfed over on the back of a dead whale, like that guy in Australia last week. I’m not sure of his exact method of transport, but birthday boy Dave Garvin made it to Gillette to celebrate with his brothers, Gronk, and 68,000 of his closest friends. Luckily for all, the weather was not amenable to the full donning of Mr. Garvin’s birthday suit.

It was a very happy Halloween for Melanie and Nick Prescott, who warmed their new home with a few friends that evening. A lone trick-or-treater knocked on the door and looked on in dismay as instead of promptly addressing his bid for candy, Melanie ran in the complete opposite direction, rushing to get a camera to capture her first ever trick-or-treater. She was so excited, that little pirate could easily have robbed and pillaged his way straight to the bottom of that candy bowl.

I am so excited about the MV Museum’s new exhibit on Nancy Luce, my favorite of all our historical figures. I have been fascinated by the “Chicken Lady” and her three-legged cow since I was a little girl. And I had no idea until I received the press release from the museum that we potentially share a birthday. This explains some of my wackier tendencies, I suppose.

“Madonna of the Hens” will open on November 7, with an opening reception in the museum Galleries from 5 to 7 pm, and will remain on display through January 31, 2015. The exhibit celebrates 200 years of Nancy Luce and looks back at the life and writings of this enigmatic and now beloved “Chicken Lady.” Nancy eked out a meager existence by selling eggs, small books of poems she wrote about her beloved flock of chickens, and photographs of herself to curious passersby. Her story is full of loneliness, but it contains compassion, love, and even moments of fierce joy.

The exhibit will feature original poetry books and artwork, letters to and from Nancy, and objects from her home. It also includes her chickens’ tombstones and contemporary art that was inspired by Nancy and her legacy. As part of the exhibit, the museum will host a program Thanksgiving weekend that includes modern poetry inspired by Nancy and a closer look at her life and legacy. Chief curator Bonnie Stacy will facilitate the program dedicated to the chicken lady on Saturday, November 29, at 3 pm in the museum Library.

Be sure to catch the talented thespians on the Edgartown School in their performance of The Little Mermaid Jr., which will take place Friday and Saturday, November 7 and 8, beginning at 7 pm. The play recounts the familiar tale that takes place in a magical kingdom beneath the sea, where a beautiful young mermaid named Ariel longs to leave her ocean home to live in the world above. But first, she’ll have to defy her father, the king of the sea, escape the clutches of an evil sea witch and convince a prince that she’s the girl with the perfect voice.

Birthday wishes go out this week to Tim Defelice, who celebrates November 7; Edison Parzanese, November 9; Jen O’Hanlon, November 10; and Meg Rottman, November 11.